Winn Dixie Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Since 1925, Winn Dixie has been an affordable place to shop for groceries throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. Every one of their more than 500 locations is home to a Winn Dixie bakery. In addition to being well known for fresh homemade pies, the bakery offers an array of Winn Dixie cakes.

All Winn Dixie bakery locations offer custom cakes decorated to order and a range of specialty designs. Some provide additional services, as you’ll discover in this guide. The prices vary from location to location, so the price list provided here is based on averages across all of the stores.

Winn Dixie Cakes Prices

Winn Dixie Cakes Prices 8” Single Layer Round Cake (Serves 10 to 12 people) Starts at $15.99
Winn Dixie Sheet Cakes 1/4 Sheet Cake (Serves 20 to 24 people) Starts at $24.99
1/2 Sheet Cake (Serves 40 to 48 people) Starts at $34.99
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 90 to 100 people) Starts at $59.99
Winn Dixie Cupcake Cakes 12 Count Starts at $13.99
24 Count Starts at $20.99
Winn Dixie Special Occasion Cakes 2 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $179.99
3 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $199.99

Winn Dixie Cakes Types & Designs

Many people that order Winn Dixie cakes choose the standard customizable options. With these cakes, you can choose from standard vanilla, chocolate and marble flavors and buttercream or whipped frosting in chocolate or vanilla for the standard costs shown on the Winn Dixie cakes price list above.

Simple decorations like flowers and balloons and personalized messages of up to 50 characters in length are included in the base prices of the cakes. You can also upgrade a Winn Dixie customizable standard cake to a carrot cake, red velvet cake or black forest cake for an additional charge.

In addition to custom cakes, the WinnDixie bakery also offers cupcake cakes in one-dozen and two-dozen sizes. Instead of a traditional sliceable cake, these desserts are made up of individual cupcakes that are frosted to create a finished design. Some people prefer the Winn Dixie cupcake cakes because they are easy to serve.

Winn Dixie Birthday Cakes

Winn Dixie bakery birthday cakes are very popular for adults and kids alike. Many people choose to design their own cakes with flowers or balloons as decorations and have a “Happy Birthday” greeting written on the cake. You can choose the colors you prefer for the icing on your Winn Dixie birthday cake.

If you’re looking for Winn Dixie birthday cakes for kids, the bakery has a number of licensed cakes that can match the theme of a party. The licensed Winn Dixie birthday cake designs incorporate plastic toys and decorative icing. These bring to life scenes from movies, TV shows, video games and books that are popular with kids.

The characters that you can add to Winn Dixie characters cakes are always changing to reflect what is popular with kids. Generally, the store offers cakes with Disney, Marvel, DC, Nickelodeon and Hello Kitty licensing. The cost of Winn Dixie character cakes is generally a little more than the standard prices listed on the Winn Dixie price list. For more designs, Sam’s Club birthday cakes offer a wider range of designs to choose from.

Winn Dixie Graduation Cakes

The most affordable option when buying Winn Dixie cakes for a graduation party is to choose one of the standard custom cake options. You can have “Congratulations” and the graduate’s name or “Class of” and the year written on the cake. Icing flowers or balloons can be piped on in the colors of the graduate’s school.

Some Winn Dixie bakeries offer specialty Winn Dixie decorated cakes for graduations. With one of these decorated Winn Dixie cakes, you work with the cake decorators to come up with an idea of your own that they then create to your exact specifications. The cost for this service will be more than the standard Winn Dixie cake prices.

Winn Dixie Baby Shower Cakes

An economical solution for ordering a Winn Dixie cake for a baby shower is to pick one of the standard cake sizes and then customize the design for the occasion. Flowers in pink, blue or yellow are recommended for baby showers. A greeting for the mother or the words “Welcome Baby” can be piped on in a matching shade.

As with graduation cakes, baby shower cakes can be custom made to order at certain Winn Dixie bakery locations. The cost will depend upon the size and type of cake and what types of decorations you’re requesting. However, it will generally be more than what is listed on the Winn Dixie price list above. For designs that include plastic toys, check out the Vons baby shower cakes.

Winn Dixie Wedding Cakes

Unlike some other grocery stores, Winn Dixie does not offer a catalog of Winn Dixie wedding cakes. For a casual wedding, you may want to purchase a quarter, half or full sheet Winn Dixie cake for the occasion. You can have the decorations done in your wedding colors. You can then add a cake topper of your own to the center.

If you are looking for a two or three-tier traditional wedding cake, some Winn Dixie bakery locations are able to custom create a design for you. The Winn Dixie prices list above shows the starting price for this service.

Winn Dixie Monster High Birthday Cake Winn Dixie Minnie Mous Birthday Cake

Winn Dixie Cakes Delivery Options

Generally, Winn Dixie does not offer delivery service on cakes. As a result, you’ll need to stop in during regular Winn Dixie bakery hours to pick up your cake. Locations that offer bespoke Winn Dixie cake designs may provide delivery for wedding cakes on a case-by-case basis for a fee. You can ask when you place your order if delivery is possible.

There are two ways that you can order cakes at Winn Dixie. The first way is to call the Winn Dixie bakery and place your order by phone. This can be a convenient option for those with busy schedules. It’s also best if you’re placing a very basic cake order.

Alternately, you can stop into a Winn Dixie bakery and place an order in person. This option is recommended if you want to inquire about custom Winn Dixie cakes designs for special occasions or for a wedding.

For standard cake orders, you should make your request for a Winn Dixie cake at least 24 hours before you want to pick it up. Winn Dixie wedding cakes may require more time for planning and preparation.

To get the phone number of the closest Winn Dixie bakery or find a store near you, use the Store Locator service on their website.

Whether you opt for a standard Winn Dixie cake or buy one of the store’s custom Winn Dixie cake designs, the bakery provides a simple way to get a cake made to your liking for a special occasion. If you buy a Winn Dixie cake, come back after you’ve tried it and tell us about your experience in the comments.

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