T – Z Cake Bakeries

With more than 1,800 locations throughout the United States, Target is a well-known big box store. In recent years, Target has expanded its selections of products. You can now purchase delicious Target cakes from the Target bakeries. As with all their products, you can rest assured Target cakes are just as high quality as all […]


As the largest big box retail store in the world, Walmart has locations nearly everywhere, which means that you’re never too far from a Walmart bakery. Thus it is quite easy to purchase a Walmart cake for special occasions. And the Walmart cakes offering includes plenty of variety when it comes to design and customization. […]

As one of the largest grocery chains in the UK, Waitrose is a popular place to shop for all types of foods, and when it’s time to celebrate, their bakery is ready for the occasion. While the selection of Waitrose cakes can change daily, you can special order cakes at every location. Pricing on Waitrose […]

Since 1925, Winn Dixie has been an affordable place to shop for groceries throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. Every one of their more than 500 locations is home to a Winn Dixie bakery. In addition to being well known for fresh homemade pies, the bakery offers an array of Winn Dixie cakes. All […]

TCBY is a sweets shop known for their frozen yogurt treats. While this is what TCBY is most commonly associated with, they also sell an assortment of frozen yogurt cakes and pies. Their cakes are round and come in a variety of different flavors and crust combinations. You can order TCBY cakes in store. Unfortunately, […]

Whole Foods grocery stores are known for their devotion to organic foods made from sustainable products. At the Whole Foods bakery, customers can purchase cakes made from environmentally friendly farms that use organic farming methods. These Whole Foods cakes are available for holidays, celebrations, and everyday desserts. The company provides many gluten free desserts options, […]

Vons grocery stores are known for their great deals on groceries. The Vons bakery is a popular place to purchase cakes in Southern California and Nevada. With competitive prices and a wide range of customization options, you can personalize Vons cakes to suit any occasion. The Vons bakery menu varies from store to store. This […]

Wegmans is a small chain of grocery stores with locations throughout the Northeast. The Wegmans chain is well-known throughout the country for its high-quality products. The Wegmans bakery is part of what has made the store legendary. Naturally, their most popular products are the Wegmans cakes. If you’re planning a party, there are Wegmans cakes for […]

Sylvia Weinstock has been nicknamed the Queen of Cakes, and it’s easy to see why. At her bakery in Manhattan, she creates cakes that are truly stunning. In the past, she has made cakes shaped like everything from tigers to Faberge eggs to cars. Sylvia Weinstock cakes truly are one of a kind. Because of […]

With more than 6900 locations in the UK, Tesco is the largest grocer in the UK. Their stores are where many people across the country go for all of their grocery needs, including their special occasion cakes. Tesco cakes are available in a wide range of designs. If you’re shopping in the store rather than […]

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