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Membership at Sam’s Club gives you the right to shop at warehouse prices and buy items in bulk for both home and office. It also gives you the ability to make purchases at the club’s bakery, which has a full range of tasty treats, including numerous Sam’s Club cakes. From the Sam’s Club bakery, you […]


Since the 1960s, Californians have relied on Porto’s Bakery & Cafe for tasty and affordable pre-designed and custom cakes. Porto’s tasty sheet and round cakes are available for walk-in customers in a variety of exotic flavors. For these types of cakes, Portos prices range from $17 to $150. You can also order specialty designs for […]


Safeway has more than 1300 locations spread across 19 states. Safeway bakeries are famous for their varied bakery menus. A Safeway bakery usually offers custom cake orders for a wide variety of occasions, but each store has its own Safeway bakery menu with different items available. In this article, we will offer an overview of […]


ShopRite is a chain of grocery stores with locations in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Each store is independently owned and operated, but there are similarities between them all, including each one of them hosting a ShopRite bakery. All Shoprite bakeries make custom cakes for special occasions, but the specific offerings […]


Price Chopper is a grocery store that provides a number of foods at a discounted price. Their bakery section is known far and wide for its unique selection of cakes that range from children’s cakes to wedding cakes and beyond. With Price Chopper cakes, you can get multi-tiered cakes, sheet cakes, round cakes, and more. […]


With more than 1000 locations across the Southeast, Publix is a popular place to shop for groceries, and the Publix bakery is well-known throughout the region for their incredible selection of custom cakes. While Publix cakes tend to be more expensive by the slice than some of their competitors in the area. However, Publix cakes […]


Starbucks is a company that is known primarily for their coffee drinks and tea. This coffee shop, like most others, offers delicious baked goods as well. One of the most popular baked goods offered is their cake pops. Starbucks cake pops are small little bites of cake dipped in icing and other coatings. Starbucks cake […]


Sweet Chariot is an Indian bakery and dessert maker located throughout its country or origin. They create numerous different styles of cakes and are well known in their area. They offer a number of unique kinds of cakes, including signature cakes, tea cakes, customized Sweet Chariot cakes and more. In this article, we will tell […]


In this article, we will provide you with information on Pine Garden cakes prices. We will discuss things such as the different cake types and designs that are available at Pine Garden. We will also talk about if there are any cake delivery options or if you will need to pick them up. The ordering […]


Nothing Bundt Cakes has a unique name that’s playful and very accurate. At their more than 100 locations, you’ll find nothing but the finest of bundt cakes. The chain has been around since 1997 but has really become well known in recent years, meaning there might just be a brand new Nothing Bundt Cakes location […]

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