Wegmans Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Wegmans is a small chain of grocery stores with locations throughout the Northeast. The Wegmans chain is well-known throughout the country for its high-quality products. The Wegmans bakery is part of what has made the store legendary. Naturally, their most popular products are the Wegmans cakes.

If you’re planning a party, there are Wegmans cakes for any occasion. The store has a wide range of options available. Wegmans cakes prices may vary slightly from location to location. This guide to Wegmans cakes relies on average pricing information from all of their stores. Your local bakery can give you more specific pricing information.

Wegmans Cakes Prices

Wegman cakes prices can vary depending on location and special offers. This table can help you estimate the cost of your Wegmans cake, however, you should consult with your local Wegmans bakery for the exact cake prices.

Wegmans Round Cakes Single Layer Round Cake Starts at $11.00
Double Layer Round Cake Starts at $17.00
Wegmans Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake Starts at $11.00
1/4 Sheet Cake Starts at $20.00
1/2 Sheet Cake Starts at $34.00
Wegmans Cookie Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cookie Cake Starts at $10.50
1/4 Sheet Cookie Cake Starts at $16.00
1/2 Sheet Cookie Cake Starts at $22.00
Full Sheet Cookie Cake Starts at $42.00
Wegmans Ultimate Cakes Mini Ultimate Chocolate Cake Starts at $9.00
Ultimate Chocolate Cake Starts at $18.00
Mini Ultimate White Cake Starts at $9.00
Ultimate White Cake Starts at $18.00
Mini Ultimate Carrot Cake Starts at $10.00
Ultimate Carrot Cake Starts at $20.00

Wegmans Cake Types & Designs

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the Wegmans cakes prices above is that the store does not offer a full sheet cake. The largest cake that the Wegman bakery offers is a half sheet cake.

When you’re ordering standard cakes from Wegmans, you can choose from vanilla, marble or chocolate cake with white or chocolate buttercream icing or whipped icing. All of the standard Wegmans cake prices include a personalized message and icing flower decorations.

In addition to standard design-it-yourself Wegmans cake designs, the store offers a number of specialty desserts that you can order for a celebration. Sold undecorated, their Ultimate series includes Wegmans chocolate cake, carrot cake and white cake desserts with two layers of cake separated by frosting and topped with a secret icing recipe. You can view the prices of these gourmet cakes listed above.

Another popular option is the Wegmans photo cake. The eighth, quarter or half Wegmans sheet cake is available in all of the standard flavors. The baker print a photograph of your choosing on top of the cake and framed with colored icing in the colors of your choice. The Wegmans bakery also adds a personalized greeting.

If you would like something a little different than the usual cake, you can opt for one of the other customizable desserts from the Wegmans menu. Wegmans cupcakes are a popular alternative to their classic cakes, and the store is well known for their cookie cakes as well. A Wegmans cookie cake is a large chocolate chip cookie decorated with icing flowers and a customized greeting.

Wegmans Birthday Cakes

Wegmans birthday cakes are appropriate for any age. Apart from the Wegmans Ultimate cakes, you can have any of the desserts designs customized with a Happy Birthday greeting. Your Wegmans birthday cake can have the guest of honor’s favorite icing colors as a special finishing touch.

Unlike some other bakeries, the Wegmans bakery does not offer character cakes or other licensed designs. If you have a special request for Wegmans birthday cake designs, such as balloons instead of flowers, the bakery may be able to provide the service for an additional charge. For licensed designs, check out how to order a cake from Publix.

Wegmans Graduation Cakes

As with Wegmans bakery birthday cakes, the bakery doesn’t offer specialty graduation cakes. However, you can customize the cookie cakes and or the Wegmans photo cakes with a graduation greeting. You can further personalize your Wegmans cake with lettering and decorations in the colors of the graduate’s school.

Wegmans photo cakes are one of the more popular choices for graduation parties. A senior photo or commencement photograph can be displayed on the cake along with a message like “Class of” and the year or “Congratulations” and the graduate’s name. If you’re looking for an unconventional graduation dessert try the Acme graduation cakes.

Wegmans Baby Shower Cakes

If you’re planning a baby shower, you can have Wegmans cakes decorated for the occasion. You can choose from blue, pink or yellow icing. The bakery will also add a message to the cake at no extra charge. Popular phrases to put on baby shower cakes include “Congratulations” and the guest of honor’s name. Some examples are “Welcome Baby” and “Congrats Mom” or “Mama.”

A creative idea is to order a Wegmans photo cake and have the mom-to-be’s baby photo or a pregnancy photo printed on the cake along with a greeting. If the baby has already arrived, the newborn’s photo could also be printed on top of a Wegmans cake.

Wegmans Wedding Cakes

Wegmans does not make traditional wedding cakes like two or three-tier cake designs. You can opt to have an eighth, fourth or half sheet cake made for your wedding if you wish. If you choose this option for Wegmans wedding cakes, you can have flowers piped on in hues to match the color palette of your reception. You can also purchase a cake topper to place on the cake yourself after you pick it up.

Some couples choose to use Wegmans photo cakes as wedding cakes. A formal engagement photo or casual photo of the two of you can be printed onto the cake to make it extra special. You can also choose one of Wegmans floral cake designs, such as the Half and Half Buttercream Cake, and customize it for your wedding reception.

Wegmans Cakes Delivery Options

Wegmans does not offer delivery on cakes. When you order a cake, you will need to specify a pickup time during the regular Wegmans bakery hours. Normally, it is necessary to give Wegmans 24 hours notice when ordering a cake. Basic desserts, like the Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate cake, may be available for immediate pickup in stores.

While there is a Wegmans online ordering system for some prepared foods that the store sells, at this time, you cannot order cakes online. You will need to either call or visit the store to order your cake. The Store Finder will give you the hours and contact information for your nearest Wegmans.

Have you purchased Wegmans bakery cakes before or are you planning to buy one for a special event? Please leave a review in the Comments section and tell us about your experience with ordering a Wegmans cake.

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