10 Types Of Wedding Cakes

Even if you’ve been to dozens of weddings, you may be surprised about how many different kinds of wedding cakes you can choose from when it’s your turn to select one for your big day. This guide to wedding cake types is designed to introduce you to the basic kinds that are available to help make selecting one a little easier. Discover novel wedding cake ideas, or select a classic wedding cake design.

Wedding Cakes Designs and Shapes

One of the main ways that cakes differ from each other is in their shape and style. Here are four common types that fall under this category:

1. Round Tiered Wedding Cake

The round tiered cake is the traditional type of wedding cake. They are usually at least 2 tier wedding cakes. Inside each tier there may be one layer of cake, a single layer that is split with filling or icing in between or two layers of cake separated by filling or icing.

Nearly every bakery that offers wedding cakes will have round tiered options. For example, all of the Walmart wedding cakes specially designs are of this type.

2. Square Tiered Wedding Cake

A square tiered wedding cake is very similar to a round cake except that instead of round tiers, the design has squares stacked one atop the other. These cakes tend to look more modern, so they tend to appeal to couples with more contemporary taste.

Normally, square wedding cakes are a little more expensive than their round counterparts because they are considered more of a specialty item. The Safeway wedding cakes collection has a number of stylish square options.

3. Split Tier Wedding Cake

Split tier wedding cakes usually consist of three or more round or square tiers that are displayed together but not all stacked one atop the other.

Each layer may be placed on a separate level of a stand like the Together in Love from the Publix wedding cakes collection. Two tiers might be placed together with a third placed above like the Simply Devoted cake from Publix or all of the tiers may be displayed separately like this design featured in the Sam’s Club wedding cakes collection.

4. Sculpted Wedding Cake

Sculpted wedding cakes are very ornate, elaborate cakes that look more like a sculpture than carefully stacked round or shaped cakes. They may have a classic shape, or they may be shaped like something completely other than a wedding cake. Independent bakeries like Couture Cakes and Charm City Cakes are known for these types of designs.

Prices of these cakes are generally a lot more than other types because of the work involved.

Types of Wedding Cake Frostings

Wedding cakes may also be classified by the type of frosting that is used to decorate them. Some common types include:

5. Buttercream Wedding Cake

Made with real butter, buttercream frosting has a smooth, creamy consistency and is sweet but not overpoweringly so. A buttercream wedding cake will have a delicious flavor and can be decorated with swags, swirls, piped flowers, fleur de lis and other types of simple decorations.

Though traditionally, wedding cake frosting is white, it can easily be tinted in different colors, and many bakeries offer it in multiple flavors. Wedding cake frosting can be tinted to match the overall color scheme of the party. Buttercream wedding cakes are generally rather economical as the frosting is not costly or difficult to work with.

6. Fondant Wedding Cake

Fondant icing is made from corn syrup, sugar and gelatin. Unlike buttercream, which is spread on a cake, fondant is rolled into sheets and then used to cover the cake. It gives the surface of a cake a smooth, sleek appearance and often has a slight shine.

Like buttercream, fondant can be colored. It can also be used to create very elaborate, beautiful decorations, like the vast assortment of wedding cakes from Albertsons. Many people do not find fondant to be as tasty as buttercream icing. In some cases, it may be possible to layer fondant over buttercream to get the best of both worlds.

7. Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake

If you’re a chocoholic, a rich chocolate ganache cake may be for you. This icing is made by melting chocolate in cream. The icing is then spread over the cake. Decorations are then usually made out of buttercream, fondant or another type of decorative icing to complete the cake.

You can choose a chocolate ganache wedding cake from Tesco. It is very rich and makes wedding cakes decadent, but it only can be brown in color, so it does limit the design possibilities.

Special Wedding Cake Types

These types of wedding cakes may be used in place of or in addition to a tiered wedding cake:

8. Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake cakes are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Some couples serve cupcakes along with a standard wedding cake with a setup similar to the Simply Sweet Cake from the Publix wedding cake collection, or the cupcakes may be the only dessert.

Often, cupcakes are less expensive than a traditional wedding cake, and they can be more convenient, as guests can easily serve themselves.

9. Sheet Wedding Cakes

Wedding sheet cakes are generally more economical than tiered cakes. They can be a great way to save money, and they can be just as tasty as traditional cakes.

Some couples will choose to have a 2 tier wedding cake displayed with sheet cakes in the back that are cut by the reception venue’s staff and then served after the decorative cake is cut. Other couples only serve sheet cake and have their cakes decorated to match their wedding themes.

10. Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake is a second cake that is served at a wedding reception and is usually decorated to match the groom’s interests and tastes. Often, couples will select a completely different flavor for the groom’s cake to offer an alternative selection for guests, and the cake is usually smaller than the standard wedding cake.

A number of bakeries will make custom grooms’ cakes or have some preset designs that you can choose from. The HEB Wedding Cakes Collection includes a number of specialty groom’s cakes, including ones for football fans and poker lovers.

What type of wedding cake are you thinking about for your big day? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment telling us what kind of wedding cake appeals to you and where you’re thinking about buying your wedding cake from.

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