Walmart Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

As the largest big box retail store in the world, Walmart has locations nearly everywhere, which means that you’re never too far from a Walmart bakery. Thus it is quite easy to purchase a Walmart cake for special occasions. And the Walmart cakes offering includes plenty of variety when it comes to design and customization. More than that, Walmart cakes prices range from $1 to $500.

Walmart bakery cakes come in a wide range of designs and sizes to feed either your immediate family or a huge crowd. Compared to other bakeries cake pricing, Walmart cake prices are very reasonable, and because the retailer has so many cakes to choose from, you get to pick between many unique cake designs.

Walmart Cakes Prices

Walmart cakes prices vary from location to location, as do their specific offerings. The following price list is based on the average Walmart cake prices.

Walmart Round Cakes 8” Single Layer Round Cake (Serves 8 people) Starts at $7.50
8” 2-Tier Round Cake (Serves 8 people) Starts at $16.50
Walmart Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake (Serves 12 people) Starts at $9.50
1/4 Sheet Cake (Serves 24 people) Starts at $18.50
1/2 Sheet Cake (Serves 48 people) Starts at $29.50
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 64 people) Starts at $42.50
Walmart Specialty Cakes 2 Tier Cake (Serves 64 people) Starts at $57.50
3 Tier Cake (Serves 64 people) Starts at $139.50
Designer Kit Cake (Serves 48 people) Starts at $48.50
Block Cake (Serves 48 people) Starts at $39.50

Walmart Cake Types & Designs

Walmart cake designs include a wide range of options. For sheet cakes and round cakes, you can choose from White, Chocolate, Yellow, Marble, Rainbow Blast, or Tres Leches flavors and have your choice of 15 buttercream and 11 whipped icing toppings. Cream and fruit-flavored fillings can be added to some cake styles for added flavor at an additional charge based on what you’re requesting.

In addition to the cakes discussed below, the complete menu of Walmart custom cakes includes:

– Walmart Sports and Outdoors cakes

  • ATV
  • Equestrian
  • Beach
  • Golf
  • Motorcyle
  • NFL teams licensed designs
  • Football
  • MLB teams licensed designs
  • Baseball
  • NBA teams licensed designs
  • Basketball
  • NHL teams licensed designs
  • Soccer
  • WWE licensed designs
  • Field and Stream licensed bass fishing
  • Field and Stream licensed deer hunting
  • John Deere licensed tractor
  • Monster Jam licensed monster truck

 – Walmart Special Occasions cakes

  • Baptism / Communion / Confirmation
  • 25th wedding anniversary
  • 50th wedding anniversary

– Walmart Upscale cakes

All of these Walmart cake options come in a variety of sizes and have extra fees beyond the base prices mentioned in the table above.

Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices

Walmart birthday cakes come in designs to suit people of all ages. Any of their specialty cakes can be made into birthday cakes for adults, and the store also has specialty designs for the following milestone birthdays:

  • Quinceanera
  • Sweet 16
  • 21st birthday
  • 30th birthday
  • 40th birthday
  • 50th birthday
  • 60th birthday
  • Over the hill birthday

For children’s birthdays, you can choose from dozens of designs. There is a complete catalog of Walmart bakery birthday cakes for a first birthday and separate catalogs for girls and boys.

You can also choose from more than 50 licensed movie and licensed character Walmart birthday cake designs with options from Disney, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, DreamWorks and more. Some cakes have decorative icing only while others include plastic and edible Walmart cake decorations.

Specialty Walmart birthday cake prices will generally be more than what is listed on the table above. Still, Walmart birthday cake prices are nearly always cheaper per person than similar cakes sold elsewhere. For more suggestions, take a look at the Harris Teeter birthday cakes that boast a wide variety of icing colors.

Walmart birthday cakes prices start at $10.

Walmart Graduation Cakes Prices

Surprisingly, with all of the many Walmart bakery cakes designs that there are to pick from, the store does not have any cakes that are designed specifically for graduations.

Walmart bakery photo cakes tend to be one of the more popular choices for honoring graduates. A senior portrait or another favorite picture can be printed right on the cake, and then the design can be finished in flowers to match the school colors.

Prices for a Walmart photo cake are higher than the standard prices, but you can use the table above to get a rough idea of the base price. For more flavors and designs check out the Costco graduation cakes.

Walmart graduation cakes prices start at $12.

Walmart Baby Shower Cakes Prices

Options for Walmart baby shower cakes include eight different designs, each of which comes in sheet cake, round and tiered options. Some of the Walmart baby shower designs also are available as cupcakes and in specialty shapes. You can choose from blue for boys, pinks for girls or yellow or purple if the gender is a surprise.

Walmart also has special gender reveal cakes and photo cakes for welcoming new babies. The cost of Walmart baby shower cakes is higher than the base prices listed above.

Walmart baby shower cakes prices start at $10.

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices

Walmart bakery wedding cakes are generally 3 tier designs, and the store offers more than 35 different options for brides and grooms to pick from. The Walmart wedding cake range is broken into five different lines:

  • Romance
  • Classic wedding
  • Timeless elegance
  • Seascapes
  • Country chic

Many of the cakes have bare tops that allow you to add your own cake decorations, but you can choose styles with flowers, monogram letters and other decorations included. In addition to classic styles, you can also choose Walmart cupcake cakes for weddings and buy groom’s cakes from the store.

Walmart wedding cake prices generally start around the price of the three-tier cake price shown above and go up from there based on which style, flavors, and fillings you choose. You can view the complete catalog in the Special Occasion brochure.

For Walmart wedding cakes prices see our table above.

Walmart Bakery Prices

Walmart bakery products are available only for in-store purchases. You can usually find a wide variety of donuts, from red velvet donuts, to classic donuts, glazed donuts, raspberry jam donuts and everything in between. The Bakery at Walmart also has a great selection of muffins and pies.

Depending on the size and number of customers, Walmart bakeries offers may vary. Larger Walmart bakeries may have a greater variety of products than small ones.

Walmart bakery prices may also vary depending on location and usual number of customers. You can sometimes take advantage of discounts if you purchase a larger order of Walmart baked goods.

Since Walmart bakeries offer only in-store purchase, you cannot order Walmart donuts, muffins, pies and other bakery items online, nor can you have them delivered to a specific location. You can discuss with your local Walmart bakery if there is an option to deliver to a location for a larger order of bakery goods.

Walmart Cakes Delivery Options

Because there are so many ways to customize their designs, you cannot order Walmart cakes online the way that you can with some other bakeries.

You can go online and print out a Walmart cake order form to make the ordering process easier. Fill out the form yourself or take it to the Walmart bakery and have them complete it for you. Most locations will also accept Walmart cake orders by phone.

To find the nearest location or the Walmart phone number of the store you would prefer to order your cake from, use the Walmart Store Finder.

Even if you purchase a Walmart wedding design, the store does not provide delivery for any of their cakes. What’s more, availability posted on the website for each item may change, so check the exact pickup date when you check out. You can also arrange to pick up your cake on the day of or day before your special event.

Many Walmart locations are open 24 hours per day, so arranging pickup is usually relatively easy. You’ll be asked to specify a pickup time when you place your Walmart cakes order.

Walmart asks that cakes be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. More time may be required for Walmart wedding cakes and other specialty items.

Whether you opt for a cake made out of Walmart cupcakes or a traditional round or sheet cake for your celebration, the bakery at Walmart stores has a wealth of options waiting for you to discover.

If you decide to place a Walmart cake order, stop back and tell us about your experience in the comments. Your review can help others decide whether to choose something from the Walmart cakes catalog for their special events.

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