Vons Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Vons grocery stores are known for their great deals on groceries. The Vons bakery is a popular place to purchase cakes in Southern California and Nevada. With competitive prices and a wide range of customization options, you can personalize Vons cakes to suit any occasion.

The Vons bakery menu varies from store to store. This article features the average Vons cakes prices. When you decide to order a Vons cake make sure to check with the Vons bakery near you if they have the cake design you want, and the exact cost of the cake.

Vons Cakes Prices

Vons Round Cakes 8” Single Layer Round Cake (Serves 8 to 10 people) Starts at $19.99
Vons Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake Starts at $18.99
1/4 Sheet Cake Starts at $28.99
1/2 Sheet Cake Starts at $44.99
Full Sheet Cake Starts at $54.99
Vons Cupcake Cakes 12 Count Starts at $13.99
24 Count Starts at $20.99
Vons Special Occasion Cakes 2 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $179.99
3 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $199.99

Vons Cakes Types & Designs

Most Vons bakeries have all of the traditional cake flavors, such as chocolate, white, yellow and marble. The most popular Vons cakes are the design-it-yourself cakes options. With these design-it-yourself desserts, you can mix and match the type of cake you prefer. You can choose from buttercream or whipped icing and specify the colors you prefer for the decorations. You can also add a message to the center of the cake.

In addition to the classic Vons single layer round or sheet cake, many bakery locations also offer cupcake cakes. With a cupcake cake, decorators arrange one or two dozen frosted cupcakes in a circle. They then ice it to create the look of a classic cake. Some people prefer Vons cupcakes cakes because they eliminate the need to cut and serve. Vons cupcake cakes are also a novel take on the traditional celebration cake.

Some Vons bakery locations offer custom cake services with more elaborate one-of-a-kind designs. The cost of these cakes is generally higher than the Vons cakes prices shown above.

Vons Birthday Cakes

Vons birthday cakes can be ordered with basic decorations like flowers or balloons made out of icing at no additional cost. With many different sizes available, you can purchase a Vons birthday cake to feed just your family or a huge party. The personalized Happy Birthday greeting is always free. You can have your cake made special for the guest of honor.

Vons bakery birthday cakes selection also includes a number of licensed designs. Licensed Vons cakes feature well-known characters from movies, TV shows, books and video games. This makes them especially popular for kids’ parties. Often, plastic toys are added to a licensed birthday cake, and the design may or may not have room for a greeting. If you are interested to see what your options are when shopping for licensed birthday cakes, you can check out Sam’s Club birthday cakes as well. They also have a wide range of options, with characters like Hannah Montana or Elmo.

The menu of licensed character cakes available at the Vons bakery changes regularly. Different stores may have different options available. You can visit your nearest Vons grocery store to get more information on what specific designs are on offer. Generally, the cost is slightly more than the Vons prices listed above.

Vons Graduation Cakes

When May and June roll around, most Vons bakery locations will order plastic decorations to add to their cakes in honor of graduates. This way, you can order a round or sheet cake for a graduation party and have one of the standard Vons cakes designs customized for the occasion.

The majority of Vons stores will have plastic graduation caps and diplomas available to add to your cake. You can also have a message written on the cake. You can also ask for the graduate’s name along with the year of their graduation to be written in icing on top of the cake. Many people choose to have flowers or balloons added in the graduate’s school colors. The border icing can have a matching shade as well.

Normally, the pricing for these design-it-yourself graduation cakes is the same as the standard Vons cakes prices shown above. However, if you opt for a more unique cake design, you may have to pay an additional fee.

Vons Baby Shower Cakes

One simple way to purchase a Vons cake or Vons cupcakes cake for a baby shower is to choose the design-it-yourself option. You can have icing flowers piped onto the cake in pink or blue to match the baby’s gender. You can opt for yellow if the little one’s gender is a surprise. The decorator can add a well wish on the cake for the expectant mom or the words “Welcome Baby.”

Some Vons bakery locations offer specialty baby shower cakes. These round and sheet cake designs may include plastic decorations like a baby, building blocks, diaper pins or even a stork. These vary according to location. An additional charge may apply on top of the base prices for these types of Vons cakes.

Vons Wedding Cakes

As a part of the Safeway family of grocery stores, Vons locations may offer the full range of wedding cakes that the large nationwide chain is known for. The specific selection of Vons wedding cakes will vary from store to store. However, you can generally choose from two, three or four tier designs with layers in square or round shapes in your choice of flavors.

The full range of wedding cakes available from Vons includes traditional designs, modern takes and theme cakes. These are great for beach weddings, fairy tale weddings and other receptions with a specific motif. You can typically customize the colors and in some cases may be able to have fresh flowers from the Vons floral department added to your cake.

Prices for Vons wedding cakes start at the rates shown in the final section of the Vons prices listing above. Elaborate designs will be more expensive. For more ideas, browse the Costco wedding cakes that are in a similar price range.

Vons Cakes Delivery Options

Some Vons bakeries have a cake delivery service as well. However, not all Vons grocery stores offer delivery.  If you choose to have your cake delivered to your location, you will have to pay an extra fee, on top of the regular Vons cake price.

Because the Vons catering and bakery menu varies so greatly from store to store, you cannot order a cake from Vons online. The best way to order a cake is to stop into your nearest store when the Vons bakery is open. You can make your request in person and arrange a pick-up or cake delivery time.

To find your closest Vons bakery and get its contact phone number and hours, use the Store Locator feature on the website.

Vons cakes can bring that perfect finishing touch to a celebration. Clients are able to custom order cakes to their exact specifications. Therefore, you can design a cake that perfectly suits your taste buds and the occasion.

Have you ever purchased a Vons cake? What was it like? Tell us about your experience with the Vons bakery in the comments!

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