Tesco Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

With more than 6900 locations in the UK, Tesco is the largest grocer in the UK. Their stores are where many people across the country go for all of their grocery needs, including their special occasion cakes. Tesco cakes are available in a wide range of designs. If you’re shopping in the store rather than online, what’s available will differ from location to location. This overview of the Tesco cake menu is based on the desserts that you can order online nearly everywhere in the UK. Please note that pricing information is subject to change.

Tesco Cakes Prices

Tesco Round Cakes Small Round Cake Starts at £4.00
Large Round Cake Starts at £8.00
Tesco Specialty Cakes Character Cakes Starts at £10.00
Shaped Cakes Starts at £6.00

Tesco Cake Types & Designs

Unlike many other bakeries, Tesco does not have a regular menu of cakes. Instead, Tesco makes more than 50 different types of cakes. Each one has its own unique features and flavours. Most only come in one size, but some are offered in two different sizes.

The majority of the cakes at Tesco are round cakes. Small round cakes tend to feed around 6 to 8 people. Larger cakes may feed 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 or 24 people, depending on the specific cake design. Before you start to shop for cakes at Tesco, it is a good idea to have a final guest count. This way, you’ll know what size cake will work best for your needs.

In addition to round cakes, Tesco occasion cakes are available in rectangular shapes. These usually feed somewhere between 12 to 20 people. There are fewer of these types of cakes.

Check out the pricing information above for details about the starting prices for each of these types of Tesco party cakes.

Tesco Birthday Cake

For birthdays, Tesco has dozens of options available. Some of the most popular Tesco birthday cakes include:

– Chocolate Celebration Cake. Available in round sizes to feed 8, 16 or 24 people, this chocolate sponge cake comes topped with a rich chocolate ganache buttercream and is covered with chocolate shavings. The cost is £5 to £10, depending on the size.

– Happy Birthday Cake. For this bar-style birthday cake, Tesco fills madeira sponge cake with raspberry jam and buttercream. It is then frosted with soft icing. Royal icing stars are added and the words “Happy Birthday.” The cake feeds 16 people and costs around £9.

– Character Cakes. These kids’ birthday cakes in Tesco stores are shaped and decorated to look like favorite characters from movies and TV shows. The Tesco Batman cake, Tesco Spiderman birthday cake, Tesco R2-D2 cake and Tesco Shopkins cake are among the most popular options. These cakes feed anywhere from 12 to 20 people and sell for between £10 and £12.

– Interest Cakes. For teens and adults, special interest cakes with unique three-dimensional shapes are popular options. You can find Tesco birthday cakes shaped like everything from soccer balls to handbags. Smaller, simpler shaped cakes cost around £6, while larger, more detailed ones may cost up to £35.

Discover dozens of other designs from Morrisons’ birthday cakes that are in a similar price range.

Tesco Graduation Cake

The Tesco cakes collection does not feature any specific graduation cakes. However, there are two designs that work very well for the occasion:

– Presents Two Tier Cake. This cake consists of two square layers of cake iced with fondant and then decorated with royal icing to make the cake look like a stack of wrapped gifts. The cake is available in a feminine floral design and a more masculine polka dot design. Both options feed around 50 people and cost £25.

– Champagne & Bubbles Cake. You can say congratulations to a college graduate with this special bar cake. On the top, it features a champagne bottle that has just been uncorked and gold star decorations. A message can be written beside the bottle. The cake feeds around 36 people and costs about £30.

Tesco Baby Shower Cake

Tesco offers a very adorable baby-themed cake that is popular for baby showers and for christenings. Called the Booties cake, it is made out of butter sponge cake, filled with buttercream and jam and iced in soft icing.

A two-tier design with either blue and white or pink and white layers, the cake is topped with edible royal icing baby booties in a matching shade. A white edible teddy bear and A-B-C edible building blocks also decorate the cake.

Large enough to feed about 30 people, this Tesco cake can be finished with a message of up to 30 characters long. Measuring 23 centimeters in diameter, the cake feeds 30 people and costs £40.

Tesco Wedding Cake

While it is possible to buy a Tesco wedding cake, not all locations offer this service. You’ll need to check with your nearest location to find out if they offer Tesco wedding cakes.

At locations that do offer wedding cakes, Tesco will custom design a cake especially for you. The cake decorator and pastry chef will work with you to come up with a cake that will feed everyone at your wedding and complement your theme well.

Tesco wedding cake prices vary and typically begin at around £2.00 per serving. For a more sophisticated choice, check out the Marks and Spencer wedding cakes.

Tesco Cakes Delivery Options

With the exception of special order Tesco cakes with one-of-a-kind designs, you can buy any Tesco party cake online and have it delivered right to your door for a small shipping and delivery charge. You can also have the cake sent to your local store and pick it up there to avoid the shipping charge.

Using the online system to place orders for Tesco birthday cakes online is rather easy. You can simply browse the selection of cakes in Tesco’s current collection, find one you like and then add it to your cart.

When you complete your order, you’ll be asked when you want to have your cake delivered or wish to get your birthday cakes from Tesco in person. Most cakes need 1 to 2 weeks lead-time. Some may need as many as 6 weeks advance notice. As a result, it’s best to start considering buying occasion cakes and birthday cakes at Tesco well before the date of the event.

If you wish to buy Tesco birthday cakes to order or want to buy a bespoke wedding cake Tesco design, you’ll need to stop into your local store. You can find your nearest location with this online tool.

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