TCBY Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

TCBY is a sweets shop known for their frozen yogurt treats. While this is what TCBY is most commonly associated with, they also sell an assortment of frozen yogurt cakes and pies. Their cakes are round and come in a variety of different flavors and crust combinations. You can order TCBY cakes in store. Unfortunately, they do not deliver.

Below, we have created a chart that shows you the different TCBY cakes prices, though these may vary from store to store.

TCBY Cakes Prices

TCBY Cakes
Ice cream pie (Feeds 4 to 6) $20.99
Small cake (Feeds 4 to 6) $17.99
Medium cake (Feeds 6 to 8 people) $23.99
Large cake (Feeds 8 to 10 people) $32.99

TCBY Cake Types & Designs

TCBY cakes come in a variety of different flavors. There is a wide variety of cake types, frozen yogurt, and crust options available. This provides a huge range of combinations to suit any taste.

In terms of the frozen yogurt you can use for your cake, they offer low fat chocolate frozen yogurt, low fat strawberry frozen yogurt, white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt, and golden vanilla frozen yogurt.

They also offer a choice between graham cracker and Oreo crusts. The cakes feature two layers of cake filled with TCBY flavors. You can get the cake in white layers of cake, chocolate layers of cake, or yellow layers of cake.

Each cake is topped with buttercream icing and allows you the chance to add a personalized message to it. This makes them excellent for any occasion. These cakes range anywhere between $17.99 and $32.99, depending on their size and customization.

TCBY Birthday Cakes

While TCBY does not offer any dedicated birthday cakes, you can put together a cake of your own to surprise the birthday boy or girl. Choose their favorite type of frozen yogurt from the choices available, and opt for their preferred crust from the two choices.

Then, complete the text on the top of the icing with their name, a birthday greeting, or any other sort of message you’d like them to get. You can order these cakes online or over the phone, and go pick them up at your nearest TCBY location.

TCBY Graduation Cakes

TCBY does not currently offer any dedicated graduation cakes either. However, you can request that a special message or image be added to your cake in order to congratulate the graduate. You can also choose to incorporate their favorite flavor of frozen yogurt in the cake, as well as their favorite cake type

Finally, if they love cookies, use the Oreo crust to make it extra special.


TCBY Baby Shower Cakes

While you can’t get baby shower cakes at TCBY, you can still make it work. If you want to do a gender reveal for a little girl, opt for a cake that has a strawberry frozen yogurt center. Then, you can cut into the cake and see that it is pink, announcing to the world the arrival of your daughter.

You can also write the gender of the baby on top of the icing in lettering and colors of your choosing. Then, you can just open the cake box and let the cake speak for itself.

TCBY Wedding Cakes

TCBY can get you a wedding cake in the form of a white cake with vanilla filling and white buttercream. They do not offer designated wedding cakes, but by choosing the color combinations and flavor combinations above, you can make your own.

You can put a modern spin on classic wedding cakes by having a white frozen yogurt center instead of having nothing but cake in each bite. If you would like, a unique Mr. and Mrs. message can be written on the cake as well.

TCBY Cakes Delivery Options

At TCBY, you can order your cakes in store. This eliminates any miscommunication online and ensures that your cake comes out tasting precisely as you hoped it would. There is no delivery option for you to choose from, but there are so many TCBY stores around that it will be simple to drive to the one nearest to you and pick up your cake.


It is recommended that you order your TCBY frozen yogurt cake or pie at least 24 hours in advance before you need it. This is to ensure that the bakers have plenty of time to create the cake, and for you to check it and be sure that it is what you asked for. When you order, be sure to ask for any messages or phrases on the cake, so that they can customize it for you.

In order to find a TCBY location nearest to you, check out their location service. You can find the store with ease and give them a call or head into the store directly to place your order with them.

TCBY cakes are unique in that instead of using ice cream, they use frozen yogurt to create their masterpieces. Plus, the TCBY cakes prices are very affordable. Are you planning to buy a cake from TCBY? After you give the cake a try, come back and tell us about it in the comments section below. Leaving a review helps other customers make the right decision.

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