Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Sylvia Weinstock has been nicknamed the Queen of Cakes, and it’s easy to see why. At her bakery in Manhattan, she creates cakes that are truly stunning. In the past, she has made cakes shaped like everything from tigers to Faberge eggs to cars. Sylvia Weinstock cakes truly are one of a kind.

Because of her impressive skill and stellar reputation, Sylvia Weinstock has become the baker to the stars, yet she still accepts cake orders from the general public. This guide to Sylvia Weinstock prices and ordering will tell you what you need to know if you want to order a cake from the bakery.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Prices

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Custom cake minimum order Starts at $500
Cost per guest Starts at $17.99

Unlike grocery store bakeries and some other independent bakeries, Sylvia Weinstock does not offer a menu of cakes. Every single cake that she makes is a one-of-a-kind design that will never be repeated in the exact same way again. As a result, there are no standard prices available for Sylvia Weinstock cakes.

When you purchase a Sylvia Weinstock cake, the cost of your cake will be calculated by the number of servings. The base price is $17.99 per serving. If you order a sculpted or elaborate cake, the price will be more per guest.

Sylvia Weinstock charges a minimum fee of $500 for all cakes. As a result, the cheapest Sylvia Weinstock price is $500. Even if your cake only feeds 10 people, the cost will be $500.

Sylvia Weinstock Cake Types & Designs

Sylvia Weinstock cakes are all custom designs–every cake is made uniquely for the person who purchases it. Not only is the style of the cake tailored to the tastes of the person, but the flavors are as well.

Sylvia offers a set range of flavors but is willing to create something new for her customers. Dietary requirements like gluten-free and vegan cakes may also be available upon request.


Most Sylvia Weinstock cakes are iced with fondant and royal icing, as these types of icings are best for elaborate designs. Some less expensive and less ornate cakes may be iced in buttercream or whipped cream.

You can check out Sylvia Weinstock cakes gallery to see examples of some of the amazing things she has made in the past. 

In addition to full-size cakes, Sylvia Weinstock also makes mini-cakes. These elaborate little cakes can be served in place of full-size cakes, though they may end up being more expensive.

Sylvia Weinstock Birthday Cake

All Sylvia Weinstock birthday cakes are made to order. You can have a cake made into the shape of something that the guest of honor loves or is interested in or have a multi-tier cake made and decorated with a design that reflects their tastes and personality.

Sylvia Weinstock Graduation Cake

For a graduation, Sylvia Weinstock can make you a cake that is truly special. You could have a graduation cap or diploma cake made or a cake that represents the graduate’s alma mater. The Queen of Cakes can create whatever you can imagine.

Sylvia Weinstock Baby Shower Cake

Whether you want a multi-tier cake shaped like a stack of presents or an elaborate cake that looks like a baby buggy or a stork, Sylvia Weinstock can make the perfect baby shower cake for you. All designs are originals.

Sylvia Weinstock Wedding Cake

Sylvia Weinstock is best known for her wedding cakes. Floral cakes are especially popular. These cakes feature three-dimensional icing flowers that look so natural that guests are shocked to find out that they are edible. You can see some photos of the floral cakes here.


These elaborate, one of a kind gourmet cakes can be quite expensive. If you are looking for a wedding cake that is less cost prohibitive, you can opt for a delicious Harris Teeter wedding cake.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Ordering

If you wish to purchase a Sylvia Weinstock cake, you will need to schedule a consultation to come up with your one of a kind design and get a price quote. Consultations are held from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM at the bakery in Manhattan. You can find out more information about cake consultations on the Sylvia Weinstock Cakes info page.

At the consultation, you will first have a chance to sample some of Sylvia Weinstock’s signature cakes, so that you can get a good idea of what flavors are available. Then, you will sit down with the Queen of Cakes herself and discuss what type of cake you are looking for.

For your consultation, you will need to know the following:

  • How many people you are serving
  • Where you are having the party
  • What the theme or color scheme is
  • What your invitations look like
  • What your gown and flowers will be like if you are having a wedding

Sylvia Weinstock will use all of this information to create a custom cake design for you. Most consultations last for 1 hour. If you do not end up ordering a cake, you may still have to pay a fee for the consultation.

You cannot place a Sylvia Weinstock cake order online because of the custom nature of the cakes. To schedule a consultation, complete this form. 

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Delivery Options

Sylvia Weinstock cakes can be delivered to nearly any location in the United States or even internationally. As a result, you do not need to be local to Manhattan to serve one of the Queen of Cakes cakes at your celebration. You will need to be able to visit New York for your consultation, though.

If you are local to Manhattan, the cost for delivery is around $200. It includes not only bringing the cake to the venue but also setting it up onsite and making sure that it looks picture-perfect.

If you live outside of Manhattan, the cost of having your cake brought to you will be more than $200. The price will vary based on how many hours it will take to travel to your location and whether or not the trip can be made by car. If the delivery will involve air travel, the cost is generally over $1000.

Sylvia Weinstock does not ship cakes via UPS, FedEx or another carrier. All deliveries are made by a representative from the bakery.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Availability

Because of her great fame, Sylvia Weinstock becomes booked for cakes well in advance. If you wish to purchase a cake during the peak wedding season of the summer months and Valentine’s Day, you will likely need to reserve your cake at least a year in advance.

Normally, a 50 percent deposit is needed to reserve a date. Because Sylvia Weinstock prefers you have details for your event already arranged, most people wait until 2 to 3 months before their events to actually have their consultations.

If you have questions about availability, it’s best to contact the bakery directly by phone at 212.925.6698.

If you end up purchasing a Sylvia Weinstock cake for your special occasion, we hope that you will come back to our site after the big event and tell us how it all went. Leave a message in the “Comments section” telling us about Sylvia Weinstock prices, what kind of cake you ordered and what your guests thought of it. Your feedback will be helpful for other readers trying to decide whether or not to buy Sylvia Weinstock cakes.

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