Sweet Chariot Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Sweet Chariot is an Indian bakery and dessert maker located throughout its country or origin. They create numerous different styles of cakes and are well known in their area. They offer a number of unique kinds of cakes, including signature cakes, tea cakes, customized Sweet Chariot cakes and more.

In this article, we will tell you about the different cakes and Sweet Chariot cakes prices. Our article will go into the different types of cakes that are offered, as well as any special occasion cakes that are available to you. You can learn how to order one of their cakes for yourself as well.

Sweet Chariot Cakes Prices

 Signature Cakes
Choco Brandy Cake Rs 551
Red Velvet Rs 610
Glazed Blueberry Rs 661
Cinderella Rs 763
Millennium’s Favorite Rs 636
Cool Blue Rs 661
White Fantasy Rs 763
Stunning Mango Rs 763
Sparkling Pink Rs 763
Zebra Gateaux Rs 568
Ultimate Choc-O-Do Rs 610
Tranquility (White Forest) Rs 551
Tiramisu Rs 683
Pineapple Rs 610
Black Forest Rs 610
Litchi Glaze Rs 610
French Chocolate Rs 683
Fruit Gateaux Rs 610
Choco Forest Rs 568
Specialty Cakes
Chocolate Temptation Rs 763
Rosy Delite Rs 763
Melting Choco Moment Rs 763
Mango Fancy Rs 568
Mango Bluebery Torte Rs 568
Loving Choice Rs 763
A Rare Choice Rs 763
Silky Truffle Rs 763
Mocha Walnut Rs 542
Mango Glaze Rs 551
Heavenly Butterscotch Delite Rs 763
Fresh Cream Mango Rs 763
English Mocha Rs 568
Coffee Walnut Rs 551
Choco Almond Rs 568
Cherry Glaze Rs 551
Honey n Almond Rs 763
Hand Crafted Beauty Rs 763
Heart Shaped Cakes
Black Forest Rs 720
Coffee Rs 720
Pineapple Cake Rs 720
Strawberry Cake Rs 720
Walnut Rs 720
Tea Cakes
Vanilla Tea Cake Rs 847
Chocolate Tea Cake Rs 847
Banana Cake Rs 847
Banana Walnut Cake Rs 847
Fruit Tea Cake Rs 847
Marble Bar Cake Rs 847
Customized Cakes
Digital Printed Cakes Rs 966

Sweet Chariot Cake Types & Designs

There are a number of different kinds of cakes available to you at Sweet Chariot cakes. You can choose from a huge variety of flavors, colors and styles depending on your needs. This bakery offers their own signature cakes, which hold their own special recipes. Their specialty cakes are similar in the way that they are totally unique to this store.

Sweet Chariot also provides a variety of different tea cakes for you to choose from. They even have digital printed cakes available for purchase.

Sweet Chariot Birthday Cakes

While there are no dedicated birthday cakes at Sweet Chariot, you can still find the perfect birthday cake for you. Choose the guest of honor’s favorite flavors and get a cake made from that. You can also choose to use their favorite color and get one of their creatively decorated cakes.

If you want to print a special image or message on the cake, you can do so through their digital printing section. This way, you can customize the cake specially to the birthday girl or boy.

For more options, you can take a look at the Monginis cakes catalogue as well.

Sweet Chariot Graduation Cakes

Celebrate your graduate’s big day by getting them a cake in any of the unique flavors Sweet Chariot offers. You could choose their favorite flavor and then write a special message on the cake using the digital printing feature. You could also print an image of their school or logo on the cake.

Sweet Chariot Baby Shower Cakes

There are no dedicated baby shower cakes through this company. That said, there are a number of cakes you could choose from that would fit a baby shower. Along with the cakes listed below, you could also choose to digitally print a special cake for the baby shower.

Pink Cakes for Girls:

  • Cherry Glaze
  • Glazed Blueberry
  • Rosy Delite
  • Sparkling Pink
  • Strawberry Cake

Blue Cakes for Boys:

Sweet Chariot Wedding Cakes

On this site, there are no special wedding cakes to speak of. That said, they do offer a selection of different heart-shaped cakes that you can choose from. Each one comes in a unique flavor, making it easy for you to find the one best suited to your wedding guests’ tastes. The heart-shaped cakes are as follows:

  • Black forest
  • Coffee
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry cake
  • Walnut cake

Sweet Chariot Cake Delivery Options

You can have one of these cakes delivered to you anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is place your order online. Below are the steps to completing an order:

  1. Choose the cake you want to order and click add to cart.
  2. Select the following information from the drop-down menus:
    • Flavor
    • Cake type
    • Cream type
    • Shapes
    • Delivery date
    • Delivery time
  1. If you want to leave a message on the cake, enter it into the box.
  2. Choose how many of these cakes you want.
  3. Finalize the order.


Sweet Chariot offers a huge variety of cakes that can suit any occasion. After you have tried your cake, come back to our site. We want to know your thoughts about the cake in the comments section below.

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