Safeway Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Safeway has more than 1300 locations spread across 19 states. Safeway bakeries are famous for their varied bakery menus. A Safeway bakery usually offers custom cake orders for a wide variety of occasions, but each store has its own Safeway bakery menu with different items available.

In this article, we will offer an overview of Safeway cake menu and Safeway cake prices and design. If you are interested in purchasing Safeway cakes, it’s best to contact your local Safeway bakery for precise information. You’ll find Safeway bakery contact details at the end of our article.

 Safeway Cakes Prices

Generally, Safeway sheet cake prices tend to be a little more expensive than some other grocery chains while Safeway round cakes are a little cheaper. All of the Safeway cakes prices provided here are based on nationwide averages.

Safeway Round Cakes 8” Single Layer Round Cake Starts at $8.79
8” Double Layer Round Cake Starts at $16.49
Safeway Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake Starts at $19.99
1/4 Sheet Cake Starts at $29.19
1/2 Sheet Cake Starts at $45.99
Full Sheet Cake Starts at $55.99
Safeway Cupcake Cakes 12 Count Starts at $13.30
24 Count Starts at $21.99
Safeway Special Occasion Cakes 2 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $91.30
3 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $117.99

Safeway Cake Types & Designs

Safeway bakery cakes generally come in chocolate, white, yellow and marble with your choice of whipped or buttercream icing. Most Safeway bakery locations have a rainbow of icing colors to choose from. You can also add custom cake fillings, like cream and fruit to some Safeway cakes.

Standard Safeway cake designs will usually include free personalization with a short message and icing decorations like flowers or balloons. Plastic decorations may be added to some cakes for a small additional fee.

As an alternative to a conventional Safeway bakery cake, you can try something from the Safeway cupcake menu. The Safeway cupcake desing options include cupcake cakes. Safeway cupcake cakes consist of one or two dozen Safeway cupcakes arranged in a circle. The cupcakes are covered in icing to form a single cake. Some specialty Safeway bakery cake designs may include a small round cake or quarter or half sheet cake with cupcakes placed around it.

Safeway Birthday Cakes

Safeway birthday cakes include many lovely designs for children and adults. When choosing a birthday cake design, you have to main options. You can purchase a classic Safeway cake design. Then, together with your local Safeway bakery, you can customize that design to your liking. You can include customer messages, or appropriate Safeway cake toppers and decorations that suit the occassion.

You can also purchase licensed Safeway birthday cakes. These cake designs usual include popular characters from movies or games. The Safeway licensed cake catalog is constantly updated with new themese and characters. They’re especially popular for children’s birthday parties. However, they work well as a quirky alternative to a traditional birthday cake for adult parties as well.

Normally, the designs in the licensed Safeway birthday cakes catalog include decorative icing and plastic topper toys. Some Safeway bakery cakes will have room for you to write a greeting, while others will not. The price of the licensed Safeway cakes designs is usually slightly more than the standard price shown above in the table. Walmart cakes offer other licensed designs in the same price range.


Safeway Graduation Cakes

During commencement season in the late spring and early summer, Safeway bakery cake designs may include special options to suit the theme of a graduation party.

Normally, the graduation cake would be a Safeway chocolate cake, white cake, marble cake or yellow cake with white icing and borders in the graduate’s school colors. Plastic decorations like diplomas and caps may be available at some locations. Normally, there is room on the cake to add a greeting like “Congratulations” or “Class of” followed by the year.

Typically, a Safeway graduation cake should cost no more than regular Safeway cakes. Of course, this all depends on the decorations and cake design you choose. You should speak with the bakers at your local Safeway bakery about design options and costs.

Safeway Baby Shower Cakes

The Safeway cakes menu also includes cake designs for baby showers. Since you can customize pretty much anything on a Safeway cake, it’s easy to order a unique cake that’s simply perfect for the occasion.

To create a personalized Safeway birthday shower cake, you can include a simple message. You can also add classic decorations such as flowers, or balloons, or even themed cake decorations. You can also change the color of the icing from white to blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby.

Some locations may have specialty Safeway cake decorations like plastic babies, building blocks or booties. You can generally add these baby shower cake decorations to the cake design for free or a small additional charge.

Typically, pink, blue or yellow icing is used to decorate the Safeway baby shower cakes. If you are looking for a low-key design, try an Albertsons baby shower cake.

Safeway Wedding Cakes

Safeway Wedding Cakes

At some Safeway bakeries, you can purchase beautiful, unique wedding cakes for your big day. The Safeway wedding cake lineup includes cakes that match special themes, such as beach weddings or fairy tale weddings.

When you choose Safeway wedding cakes, you can pick from two, three and four layer designs with square or round designs. Locations that have an on-site florist may offer Safeway bakery wedding cakes with fresh flower decorations. Safeway wedding cakes include beautifully decorated individual cakes and a small single or double layer cake to cut are also offered.

The Safeway wedding cake prices listed above are the base prices. The more elaborate a special order cake is, the higher the price will be.

Safeway Bakery Prices

The Safeway bakery menu is quite varied, and includes doughnuts, cupcakes, but also breads and bagels. You can also order focaccias from the Safeway bakery.

The Safeway bakery menu has an impressive choice of doughnuts. You can choose from Safeway regular doughnuts and Safeway gourmet doughnuts. Safeway regular doughnut varieties include glazed, apple fritters, sprinkled, iced, sour cream and many other delicious traditional doughnut varities.

In the gourmet category of Safeway doughnuts, you can choose Safeway Black Forest doughnut, Brownie Explosion, Maple Bacon, Double Chocolate, Banana Nut or Turtle.

Safeway cakes prices along with the prices of other bakery products vary slightly depending on the store location. You can use the retailer’s store locator to find the closest bakery to you and check the prices in real time. Our prices listed here are only estimations.

Safeway Cakes Delivery Options

Some Safeway locations do offer grocery delivery, and these stores may be willing to deliver your Safeway cake. You’ll most likely have to pay a delivery fee.

Safeway might also deliver only near the Safeway bakery location. Be sure to check with your local Safeway bakery before requesting a delivery.

In most cases, it will be necessary to pick up your Safeway cake order in person. The Safeway bakery hours are often the same as the store’s, but you should check when you order the cake to verify when you can arrive to receive it.

While the store does have an online shopping feature, you cannot place a Safeway order online for a cake. The best way to order a cake is to stop into your nearest location. This way, you can discuss the Safeway bakery cake menu and make your selections at your leisure. To find your nearest location, use the Safeway Store Locator.

Safeway bakery cakes can make a family celebration or reunion a whole lot tastier, and with a wide range of styles in the Safeway bakery catalog, you can find something to suit every occasion.

If you purchase a cake from the bakery, visit our site again after you have enjoyed it and let us know how the experience went. We love getting Safeway custom cakes reviews in our comments section below.

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