Publix Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

With more than 1000 locations across the Southeast, Publix is a popular place to shop for groceries, and the Publix bakery is well-known throughout the region for their incredible selection of custom cakes. While Publix cakes tend to be more expensive by the slice than some of their competitors in the area. However, Publix cakes are well worth the price. Publix cakes are made with high-quality ingredients and come in a wide variety of designs, to rival any gourmet bakery.

This Publix cake prices guide is based on average pricing information and general availability. Please keep in mind that what’s on offer may be different at your local Publix bakery.

Publix Cakes Prices

Publix Round Cakes 8” Single Layer Buttercream Cake (Serves 8 to 10 people) Starts at $18.99
8” Single Layer Whipped Topping Cake (Serves 8 to 10 people) Starts at $19.99
8” Single Layer Fudge Cake (Serves 8 to 10 people) Starts at $19.99
8” Single Layer Cream Cheese Iced Cake (Serves 8 to 10 people) Starts at $21.99
Publix Sheet Cakes 1/4 Buttercream Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 15 to 20 people) Starts at $23.49
1/2 Buttercream Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 35 to 40 people) Starts at $43.99
3/4 Buttercream Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 55 to 60 people) Starts at $61.99
Full Buttercream Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 75 to 80 people) Starts at $80.99
1/4 Whipped Topping Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 15 to 20 people) Starts at $25.49
1/2 Whipped Topping Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 35 to 40 people) Starts at $46.99
3/4 Whipped Topping Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 55 to 60 people) Starts at $63.99
Full Whipped Topping Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 75 to 80 people) Starts at $82.99
1/4 Fudge Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 15 to 20 people) Starts at $25.49
1/2 Fudge Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 35 to 40 people) Starts at $46.99
3/4 Fudge Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 55 to 60 people) Starts at $63.99
Full Fudge Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 75 to 80 people) Starts at $82.99
1/4 Cream Cheese Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 15 to 20 people) Starts at $27.49
1/2 Cream Cheese Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 35 to 40 people) Starts at $50.99
3/4 Cream Cheese Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 55 to 60 people) Starts at $70.99
Full Cream Cheese Iced Sheet Cake (Serves 75 to 80 people) Starts at $91.99
Publix Specialty Gourmet Cakes Caramel Praline Pecan Sugar Cookies Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Chocolate Peanut Butter Magic Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Creamy Cookies Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Hazelnut Cream Cheese Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Hummingbird Delight Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Lemon Infusion Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Raspberry Cream Cheese Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Rocky Road Dream Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Strawberry and Cream Dream Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Strawberry Blast Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Toasted Coconut Treat Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99
Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cake (Serves 15 to 20) Starts at $25.99

Publix Cake Types & Designs

If you want to design your own Publix custom cake, you can start by choosing one of the standard or gourmet cake designs. The standard Publix cakes are available with buttercream, whipped, fudge or cream cheese icing. Publix cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, marble, vanilla-chocolate block, strawberry, carrot or red velvet. For an additional fee, you can also add ice cream to your cake design.

You can also select the trim color and border colors and style. Finally, you can choose from roses, mums, sunflowers or balloons, add a message of up to 50 characters and specify the colors that you would like to have on the cake. Generally, all of these customizations are included in the Publix cakes prices shown above.

The Publix gourmet cakes are listed on the cakes prices chart above. These cakes feature unique combinations of cake flavors, icing, toppings and fillings and can usually be customized with a greeting of up to 50 characters.

In addition to their design-it-yourself cakes, Publix offers cake designs for special occasions like a Bar Mitzvah or christening, holidays like Christmas and different party themes like luaus and football-watching parties. Prices for these Publix decorated cakes are usually higher than the prices listed in the table above.

Publix Birthday Cakes Prices

Publix birthday cakes selection is much greater than what you’ll find at most competitors. You can simply customize your own decorated cake for the occasion or opt for one of the specialty Publix bakery birthday cakes. Some of the options include:

– Number Cakes. Publix birthday cake selection includes single and double digit number cakes. These Publix cakes are baked in the shape of the person’s age. You can order a cake in the shape of any number from 1 to 99. Publix birthday cakes prices are usually around $35 for one digit and $50 for two.

– Milestone Birthday Cakes. Publix offers Sweet 16 and Quinceanera cakes for milestone birthdays. The designs include a Publix sheet cake with a round cake and top and usually sell for around $50.

– Hobby and Interest Cakes. If the guest of honor has a hobby or special interest, Publix might just have a cake that will reflect who they are. You can find everything from shopping cakes to sports cakes to fishing cakes on in the Publix specialty cakes collection. These Publix cakes generally cost between $35 and $55.

– Licensed Cakes. Publix has a wide range of licensing deals that allow them to use characters from movies, television, video games and books on their cakes. The Publix Stars Wars cake is very popular for boys and the Publix Hello Kitty cake is a favorite for girls, but there are dozens of Publix cakes options to choose from. Publix licensed cakes prices usually range from $20 to $60.

– Shaped Cakes. Some Publix kids birthday cakes come in fun shapes beyond the standard round or sheet. The Publix dinosaur cake is one example. This Publix cake is shaped like a plump stegosaurus. Another example is the licensed Publix Barbie cake. The dress of this Barbie doll is made entirely out of cake. Other licensed shape cakes include Disney Publix Princess cake designs with castles. These cakes usually cost between $20 and $60.

For more cake designs in the same price range, check out the Costco birthday cakes available in dozens of flavors and shapes.

Publix Graduation Cakes Prices

In addition to standard design-it-yourself cakes, Publix bakery offers a number of specialty cakes for graduations. The four Publix graduation cakes include:

– Grad Cake and Cupcake Combo. With this Public cake design, you get a small round cake with a graduation hat topper on a cupcake stand with matching Publix cupcakes to fill the bottom tier. This price for this Publix cake and cupcake combo begins at around $35 and goes up depending on how many cupcakes you order.

– Congrats Banner. Selling for around $35, this colorful Publix cake features a plastic banner that says “Congrats,” a graduation cap and the graduate’s name.

– Scholar Achievement. Very sophisticated, this Publix graduation cake features a black graduation cap and two foil streamer decorations plus a plastic “Congrats Grad” sign on the front. Its starting price is around $35.

– Well Versed Graduation Signature Cake. This unique Publix graduation cake is shaped like two books that can be labeled with any subject you wish. The bakery places a black plastic cap and gold “Graduate” sign on the top of the cake. The starting price for this two-tier cake is around $55.

Publix Baby Shower Cakes Prices

Along with their standard customized cakes, the Publix bakery offers specialty designs for baby showers. There are three main Publix baby shower cake designs to choose from:

– ABC Baby Blocks Signature Cake. Designed to look like a wrapped gift, this cake features three plastic building blocks and a ribbon made with icing. The cake’s starting price is around $55.

– Baby Bump Cake. A unique choice of Publix bakery baby shower cakes, this design looks like a pregnant women’s torso and features a zebra print dress. The cake sells for around $80 and feeds 20 to 28 people, coming in just one size.

– Baby Foot Prints. This Publix baby shower cake is a sheet cake decorated with shapes, tiny footprints and the word “BABY” in pretty pastel colors. It is the most affordable design, starting at around $35.

Discover more beautiful designs with the Dairy Queen baby shower cakes that come in 40 baby-themed ice cream assortments.

Publix Wedding Cakes Prices

Publix wedding cakes are very popular. And that’s no surprise since Publix bakeries offer more than 45 cake options, with everything from traditional wedding cake designs to themed wedding cakes like the Seaside Starfish for beach weddings. And there are 16 different icing colors to choose from. Thus, the bakery can your Publix wedding cake to match almost any wedding color palette.

The Publix wedding cake cost is calculated based on the number of tiers, the flavors and icing types used and how elaborate the decorations are. Generally, Publix wedding cakes prices start at around $175 and can be as high as $500 to $600 for very large, ornate designs.

Publix Bakery Prices

Th Publix bakery offers not only cakes, but also fresh, gourmet desserts as well. Publix bakery products can be ordered online or bought directly in store, just like Publix cakes. The table below offers an overview of Publix bakery prices. If you are interested in placing a larger order, we highly recommend you consult with your local Publix bakery to see availability. Smaller Publix bakeries may take longer to fill out large orders, or might not have all the items available.

Decadent Desserts
Caramel Pecan Crunch (8-10 servings) $24.99
Carrot Torte (8-10 servings) $21.99
Charlotter Russe Infusion (6-8 servings) $24.99
Chocolate Ganache Bon-Bom (8-10 servings) $24.99
Chocolate Ganache Grandeur (6-8 servings) $23.99
Coconut Cream Cheese Fantasy (6-8 servings) $23.99
Apple Pie (6-8 servings) $5.59
Apple Pie (3-4 servings) $3.39
Key Lime (6-8 servings) $8.29
Pecan Pie (6-8 servings) $8.69
Pecan Pies (3-4 servings) 5.69
Other Desserts and Sweets
Cannoli $1.99
Apple Pastry Bites (15 count) $4.99
Apple Turnover $3.69
Brownies & Muffins
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins (4 count) $4.19
Butter Rum Flavored Jumbo Muffins (4 count) $4.19
Blueberry Jumbo Muffins (4 count) $4.19
Fudge-Iced Plain Brownies (8 count) $4.99
Fudge-Iced Walnut Brownies (8 count) $4.99
Cookies and Cream Brownies Made with Oreos (8 count) $4.79
Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 dozen) $2.89
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (2 dozen) $2.89
Jumbo MAM Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.79
Large Black and White Cookie $1.89
Jumbo Double Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.79

Publix Cakes Delivery Options

Publix does not offer delivery on general cakes. If you want to purchase a regular Publix cake, you will need to arrange to pick up your cake during regular Publix bakery hours. When you place your Publix cake order, you will have to provide the pick-up date and time. Wedding cakes can be delivered upon request, but there will be an additional fee on top of the Publix wedding cake prices.

Most cakes only need 24 hours lead time to be ready. However, we recommend you order at least 48 hours in advance. Especially if you’re requesting a specialty design. These may take longer to make. Holidays are particularly busy periods for Publix bakeries since Publix cakes are so popular.

You cannot make a complete Publix order online. However, you can get started using the Publix ordering online app. You can browse the many Publix cakes designs available and then make your customization choices using the system. When you’re happy with your cake order and design choices, you’ll get a summary. You can bring this summary to any Publix bakery near you and discuss your cake customization options.

While you do not need to start your Publix cake order online, doing so will save you time and make ordering your cake easier in the bakery. To find a Publix bakery near you and check its hours, use the Publix Location Finder. While most Publix bakeries have the same store hours, it is best if you check, especially during the holidays.

Whether you’re thinking of ordering a Publix wedding cake or a Publix birthday cake, the bakery is sure to have a design that will work perfectly for your event.

Have you ever ordered Publix cakes? How was your experience with the Publix bakery? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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