Best 10 Places to Order Birthday Cakes

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party. Whether you want to treat your guests with a delicious dessert or you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a unique custom cake, it’s easier to order a birthday cake from an expert cake bakery than to make yourself. Plus, you shouldn’t have to work on this special occasion. In this article, we will be taking a look at the best places where you can order birthday cake designs for children and adults alike.

1. Walmart

The Walmart bakery has an incredibly large selection of cakes for special occasions. Naturally, the Walmart birthday cake menu is just as impressive. Walmart birthday cakes go beyond the standard icing flowers and message with dozens of different specialty cake designs to choose from.

For adults, you can choose from officially licensed sports birthday cakes to cakes that reflect different interests in themes. Walmart birthday cakes designs for kids include separate catalogs for first birthdays, girls, boys and both genders as well as another full range of licensed cakes that feature the images of favorite characters from television and movies. Unfortunately, you cannot order cakes online from Walmart. But you can select your order online, from the Walmart bakery menu. Then, you can print out a form, fill it out and take it your store to easily order Walmart cakes for birthday parties.

2. Costco

Costco birthday cakes are popular because they are affordable and tasty. In order to purchase a Costco birthday cake, you must have a membership at the warehouse store. Costco birthday cake designs include a range of simple ideas with options for men, women, and kids. In the selection of children’s Costco birthday cakes designs, you’ll find some licensed cakes with familiar characters. To order cakes from Costco, you’ll need to stop into or call your nearest store. You can select your cake order online, by browsing through the Costco bakery catalog.

3. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen birthday cakes  are crowd pleasing options because they feature the store’s delicious soft serve ice cream. When you choose Dairy Queen birthday designs, you can normally pick from three different sizes that can feed up to 24 people. With dozens of Dairy Queen birthday cake options for men, women, and kids, there is truly something that is perfect for every party theme or person’s interests. As an added bonus, you can order a Dairy Queen birthday party cake online and then pick it up at your nearest location in most areas.

4. Publix

Publix birthday cakes are popular in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia, where the grocery chain has locations. What makes Publix bakery birthday cakes unique is that they come in a wide range of tasty flavors and beautiful designs that rival the taste and appearance of the cakes offered at independent bakeries. Despite this, a Publix birthday cake will still usually cost much less than what you’d pay at a bake shop. You can place an order online to make buying Publix cakes birthday designs quick and easy.

5. Albertsons

Another great place to order birthday cake is Albertsons. The Albertsons bakery has a vast selection of specialty cakes for almost any occasion. Albertsons birthday cake designs include nine standard designs with your choice of flowers, balloons or geometric shapes for adults. Albertsons’ birthday cakes for children include numerous character cakes. At some Albertsons bakery locations, you can have a cake custom designed to order to your exact specifications to make the birthday extra special. You can order cakes online from Albertsons. However, Albertsons does not offer birthday cake delivery. You will have to pick up your birthday cake from an Albertsons bakery. You can specify which Albertsons bakery you prefer, and the time and date you will be able to pick up your birthday cake order.

6. Sam’s Club

If you want to buy a delicious cake but don’t want to pay a fortune for it, Sams Club birthday cakes are the perfect solution. Much like Walmart bakeries, Sams Club offers a wide selection of specialty birthday cake designs for kids, men and women as well as traditional round and sheet cakes that can be personalized with greetings. In order to buy a Sams Club birthday cake, you need to have a membership to the warehouse club. You cannot order cake online at Sams Club. However, you can print the cake order form, and visit a Sam Club bakery near you to get your birthday cake.

7. Kroger

The biggest grocery chain in the US, Kroger allows you to customize your own cake for birthday celebrations. You can choose from 11 different icing colors and four icing and four cake flavors and then have a Kroger birthday cake made just for you. For kids, the Kroger birthday cakes collection includes many licensed designs with favorites like Marvel and DC superheroes and Disney princesses included in their designs. You can order cake online from the Kroger bakeries, however, you must pick up the birthday cake yourself, as the Kroger bakeries do not offer birthday cake delivery.

8. ShopRite

If you are in the New England area, then you should definitely try ShopRite birthday cakes. The ShopRite bakery has six different cake flavors, five icing flavors and more than eight fillings to choose from. With dozens of specialty ShopRite birthday cake designs that include specialty cakes, licensed character cakes for kids and even personalized photo cakes, the bakery can provide the perfect dessert to complete almost any party. You can order a birthday cake online from ShopRite. However, you will have to go to a ShopRite bakery near you to pick up your birthday cake.

9. Acme

Acme is Albertsons sister store. You can find Acme stores all around the New England area. Although there are fewer Acme bakeries than Albertsons bakeries, the Acme cakes catalog offers all of the same delicious cake options that you’ll find at Albertsons. At Acme bakeries, you’ll also find some novel birthday cake ideas, such as birthday cupcakes cakes. You can buy Acme birthday cakes online and pick them up in your local store.

10. HEB

Although HEB is a smaller grocery store chain based in Texas, they’re worth mentioning on any list of the best places to buy birthday cakes because they have such a huge selection. HEB birthday cakes include numerous designs that appeal to adults and kids with licensed cakes, specialty cakes, and classic customizable cake options. They also have a line of tasty birthday message cookie cakes that are very popular. You can order birthday cake online from HEB. Then, you can select a HEB bakery near you to pick up your birthday cake delivery.

Where did you order birthday cake from? If there is a bakery where you can order birthday cake online and you feel it should be on this list, please let us know in the comments!

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