Best 10 Places To Order A Baby Shower Cake

Looking for the best place to buy baby shower sheet cakes, round baby shower cakes or 2 or 3 baby shower cakes? If it’s your job to purchase the cake to honor the mom-to-be, you could find it difficult to select a unique baby shower cake that’s right for the occassion. To help you narrow it down, we have created this list of what we consider to be the best places to order baby shower cake.

1. Walmart

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart has locations in nearly every community in the United States. This means you have a great place to buy baby shower cakes right in your own backyard. Walmart baby shower cakes include cupcake cakes, round cakes, sheet cakes and 2 and 3 tier baby shower cakes. They offer nine different baby shiwer cakes designs. You can opt for a baby shower cake for boys or baby shower cake for girls in blue or pink, respectively. If you’re holding a gender reveal party, there are Walmart gender reveal cake designs. Alternatively, you can order a neutral Walmart baby shower cake, in yellow or white. You can consult the Walmart baby cake catalogue for inspiration.

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2. Costco

Have a membership to a Costco warehouse club? If so, consider the store for baby shower sheet cakes and round cakes. A Costco baby shower cake costs a fraction of what you’ll pay for a dessert from an independent bakery and even less than the prices at most grocery stores. Even though you’ll save money by choosing Costco baby shower cakes, you won’t miss out on flavor or style. The bakery at Costco is known for offering tasty creations and can make a number of simple baby shower cake designs. You can also purchase a Costco birthday cake design and adapt it for your baby shower party.

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3. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen might not be the first place you think of when deciding where to order baby shower cake. If you’re having a smaller get-together for the baby shower, you can serve a sweet alternative to the traditional cake with a Dairy Queen baby shower cake. Made with white and chocolate soft serve ice cream, cookie crumbles and rich fudge, the ice cream cakes offered at Dairy Queen are crowd pleasers and come in sizes to feed up to 24 people. In the collection of baby shower cakes at Dairy Queen, there are more than 35 different designs. Dairy Queen offers unique baby shower cake designs for boys and for girls. You can also adapt almost any Dairy Queen baby shower cake design to make it into a baby shower cake for a boy or baby shower cake for a girl. There are also gender-neutral baby shower cakes on offer. Most Dairy Queen locations offer online ordering.

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4. Publix

For baby showers held in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama or Virginia, the Publix bakery is a great place to choose for baby shower cakes. The Publix baby shower cakes collection features six unique designs that aren’t offered at other bakeries. Whether you want a baby shower sheet cake or a round cake, there is an option that is perfect for your party. You can even buy a sculpted Publix baby shower cake that looks like a pregnant woman’s belly for something extra fun. Publix cakes can be purchased online and picked up at your closest store.

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5. Safeway

In many states in the eastern U.S., you’ll find Safeway bakery locations offering a wide range of cake designs for baby showers. Known for affordable prices, Safeway baby shower cakes can be purchased in round and sheet styles and decorated with flowers and personal greetings for the mother-to-be. Some locations will also add plastic decorations to the cakes for a cute finishing touch. Not sure if there’s a Safeway near you? Use their store locator to check.

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6. Albertsons

Albertsons is the second biggest supermarket chain in the U.S. It’s a great place to order baby shower cake. You can order a cake at any one of their more than 2200 convenient locations. In the Albertsons baby shower cakes collection, you’ll find two specialty designs that can be ordered in quarter, half or full sheet cake sizes. Both of these adorable cakes include plastic toys and come in an array of tasty flavors. You can even order your Albertsons baby shower cake online for added convenience.

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7. Baskin Robbins

Planning to serve cake and ice cream at the baby shower? Make things simpler by picking a Baskin Robbins baby shower cake. These cakes include a layer of ice cream in a flavor of your choosing and a layer of chocolate or vanilla cake. With two round sizes, two square sizes and four different rectangle sizes, Baskin Robbins baby shower cakes can feed crowds of 4 to 48. You can choose from an array of cute and classy designs for boys, girls or both genders. Baskin Robbins cakes can be ordered online for added convenience.

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8. Kroger

Kroger is the biggest grocery store chain in the U.S. At every one of their more than 2400 locations is a Kroger bakery that offers baby shower cakes. This makes it an extremely convenient place to order baby shower cake. You can have a round or sheet cake from the bakery made into Kroger baby shower cakes with flowers in pink, blue or yellow. You can add a personal greeting in a custom shade. Another option is to choose one of the specialty Kroger baby shower cake designs that include plastic toys like building blocks, storks, and decorative icing. Online ordering makes it easy to purchase your cake for the party.

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9. Sam’s Club

With a Sam’s Club membership, you can purchase baby shower cakes at extra low prices. Sam’s Club baby shower cakes include two exclusive designs. One with a cute diaper pin motif and one with a more elegant flower garden theme. You can choose from cupcake, sheet and round Sam’s Club Baby shower cake designs. All of their options are available for less than what you’ll pay at most other bakeries.

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10. Acme

If you live in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Maryland and have an Acme Market close-by, check out their selection of baby shower cakes. This small grocery chain offers the same stylish and tasty range of cakes as their big brother store, Albertsons. You can order any of the Acme baby shower cakes online for convenience.

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You can check out our articles on these 10 cake bakeries to find out more about the types of cakes that they offer and their average baby shower cakes prices. Feel free to add your own tips on where to order baby shower cake in the comments.

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