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Paris Baguette cakes strive to create tastes that come straight out of French cuisine. Their cakes are made according to Paris trends, so that you can have a taste of France all year long. They feature a number of unique and decadent flavors that will be hard to find elsewhere. These cakes can be used […]

Perera and Sons is one of the most famous bakeries in Sri Lanka. This cake shop has a heritage going back 114 years, from which they draw their inspiration, maintaining the family business that dates back to the early 1900s. Their cakes span a wide variety of categories, and custom cakes can even be made […]

Founded in 2010 in Colorado, Pie in the Sky is unique in that all of their cakes are gluten free cheesecakes. While they do serve pies, they are best known for their cakes and cater to a large customer base because of the exclusion of gluten. You can get anything from traditional to pumpkin cheesecakes–whatever […]

Pink Box cakes come from Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They offer unique Chinese and Taiwanese baked goods, and cakes that delight the city with their eclectic styles. You can order the cakes online and enjoy delivery options as well. These cakes come in a few different varieties and are great for most occasions. In […]

Portillo’s is a Chicago bakery and restaurant. The restaurant is known for its meals, but it is a little-known fact that they sell delicious cakes as well. You can get whole cakes or slices of cake. This makes them great for a quick sweet treat or for taking to a party. Portillo’s cakes come in […]

Price Cutter is a grocery store that also contains a rather famous bakery. At this bakery, you can get any kind of cake you would like customized. In this article, we will detail Price Cutter cakes prices, cake styles, and more. Price Cutter Cakes Prices Price Cutter Round Cakes Boston Cream Cake (Serves 8 people) […]

Smallcakes is a bakery that sells cupcakes, coffee, ice cream, and soft drinks. They have more than 160 locations across the country, and one location in Dubai. The shop serves most of the United States. It offers staple cupcakes every day and exclusive cupcakes every month, which can only be enjoyed during that time period. […]

Slappy Cakes is a pancake house. It has locations in three different areas: Maui; Portland, Oregon; and Asia. At Slappy Cakes, guests get to make their own pancakes right at their tables. That’s the main reason why this is a popular venue for different celebratory occasions. In this article, we will discuss Slappy Cakes prices, […]

Superstore cakes come from Real Canadian Superstore. Their bakery is known to produce a variety of treats, most notably cakes. A huge variety of cakes is available, from standard cakes to loaf cakes. The cakes can be enjoyed for most occasions as a unique treat. The Superstore cake prices can vary depending on the size […]

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