Morrisons Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Morrisons is the third largest grocery chain in the UK and has more than 460 stores across the country. The grocer is known for being a one-stop shop for everything on a shopping list and can even help you serve the perfect dessert at a celebration. Morrisons cakes are popular for all types of occasions, and the store carries a wide selection of options.

This guide to the Morrisons cake collection provides information based on average prices and the overall selection. What’s available at your local store may differ slightly, and the prices are subject to change.

Morrissons Cakes
Birthday Cakes Starting at £5
Character Cakes Starting at £6
Party Cakes Starting at £6
Chocolate Cakes Starting at £6
Novelty Cakes Starting at £6
Gift Cakes Starting at £4

Morrisons Cakes Types & Designs

Morrisons cake collection can be broken into six different categories:

Morrisons birthday cakes. If you’re celebrating a birthday, you’ll find a wide range of birthday cakes at Morrisons. The cakes start at around £5.2.  Most birthday cakes are suitable for adults, but you can also find great Morrisons childrens birthday cake designs.

Morrisons gift cakes. The gift cakes collection includes tasty cakes that are designed to be sent instead of flowers or candies to people as presents for special occasions. The cost of these cakes starts at around £4.3.

Morrisons party cakes. Party cakes are intended for celebrations and get-togethers. These cakes are usually stylishly decorated and may be customizable in some cases. The price for these cakes begins at £6.4.

Morrisons novelty cakes. Novelty cakes are imaginative designs that are also used for celebrations. They differ from the Morrisons party cakes selection in that they are usually more elaborate than standard round cakes. The starting price for these cakes is £6.5.

Morrisons chocolate cakes. Morrisons is well-known for their tempting chocolate cakes. They have a wide selection of sizes and styles available with prices starting at £6.6.

Morrisons character cakes. Morrisons character cakes are officially licensed designs that incorporate characters from popular movies, shows, and books. Normally for kids, these cakes start at £6.Within each category of cake, you’ll find different flavors, sizes, and designs. Most cakes only come in one size.

Morrisons Cakes Birthday Cake

For adults, any Morrisons cake can be finished with candles for a celebration. The store also has one chocolate cake that comes with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it. Large enough to feed 16 guests, it costs £7.For kids, there are a number of different options for Morrions birthday cakes. The licensed character cakes include designs from Disney, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Sony and Wallace & Grommet and are always a hit with kids. These cakes usually cost £10 though some smaller ones are less expensive.

Children also love the animal-shaped Morrisons birthday cake designs. You can find cakes shaped like dogs, lions, caterpillars, cats and other creatures. Sizes vary and the cakes usually cost between £6 and £12. Asda’s kids birthday cakes are in the same price range and offer many more designs to choose from.

Morrisons Graduation Cake

Morrisons does not offer any cakes that are specifically for graduations. The following Morrisons celebration cakes are great choices for serving at a party to honor a graduate:

Morrisons White Chocolate Celebration Cake. This round party cake is made from Madeira sponge cake and is filled with raspberry jam. It comes iced in white chocolate buttercream and is decorated with chocolate curls and milk and dark chocolate stars. The cost is £6, and the cake serves 12.

Morrisons Shining Star Celebration Cake. This cake is also a Madeira sponge cake with raspberry filling but is iced with classic vanilla buttercream. Icing stars in rainbow colors decorate the top. You can purchase this cake in an 8-serving small size for £6 or a 12-serving large size for £8.

Morrisons Baby Shower Cake

While Morrisons does not have any celebration cakes that are made especially for baby showers, the two party cakes discussed above can easily be used for a baby shower. These cakes are also perfect for the occasion.

Morrisons Rose Celebration Cake. This round Madeira sponge cake is filled with jam and buttercream and iced in baby blue. A pink rosette is positioned in the center, and the cake is finished with white edible lace and a tag that says “With Love.” This Morrisons celebration cake sells for £10 and feeds 16 people.

Morrisons Rose Cupcake Celebration Cake. Shaped like a giant cupcake, this Morrisons cake comes heaped with icing roses in tones of white and pink and is filled with raspberry jam and buttercream. The Morrisons giant cupcake is large enough for 24 servings and costs £10.

Morrisons Decorate at Home Madeira Cake. This simple jam and buttercream-filled cake comes with soft white icing ready for you to decorate yourself. The cake serves 12 and costs £6.

Morrisons Wedding Cake

There is no traditional Morrisons wedding cakes. However, you can choose one of the Morrisons celebration cake designs to serve at your wedding. If you’re having a small wedding, you can purchase one of their decorated round cakes from the party cakes collection to serve at the event. This can be a cost-effective way to provide dessert at your wedding breakfast or dinner. For a traditional design, check out how to order a Tesco wedding cake.

Morrisons Cakes Delivery Options

Morrisons gives you the ability to easily place a cake order online. Their store is just like any other e-commerce site. You can browser through the whole selection of Morrisons cakes and then purchase your favorite, paying for your order online with a credit card.If you buy a Morrisons cake online, you have two different delivery options. You can opt to pick your Morrisons cake up at your nearest Morrisons store location for free, or you can have the cake delivered to your home for a small additional charge. It’s also possible to buy Morrisons celebrations cakes at the store locations.

You can place an order for a cake in person at the Morrisons bakery and then arrange to come back and pick it up at another time. In most cases, 2 to 3 days notice is required for ordering a cake from Morrisons. Consult your local store or check online for more information. You can find your nearest Morrisons store’s contact information with the online search tool.

Thinking of buying a Morrisons celebration cake? If so, we hope this guide has been helpful to you. Should you decide to buy a cake from the bakery, please come back and leave a review in the “Comments” section. By sharing your experience, you can help other people decide whether to choose Morrisons cakes.

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