Monginis Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Monginis is a bakery that began with a single shop in Mumbai, India, in 1956. Since then, the company has spread to more than a thousand stores across the country. Today, they are known as one of the most popular bakeries in the country. In this article, we will provide you with information on Monginis cakes prices.

Not only will we be discussing cake prices, we will also be talking about the different cakes that they have. This will include information on if they have any cakes for special occasions like graduations and birthdays. We will tell you how to order a cake at the end of the article.

Monginis Cakes Prices

 Round Cakes
Alpine Chocolate Cake Rs 300
Alpine Rocks Cake Rs 850
Alpine Rocks Cake 2 Rs 425
Black Forest Round Cake Rs 300
Blueberry Cheese Cake Rs 425
Blueberry Fudge Inspirational Cake Rs 850
Bountiful Veg Premium Cake Rs 350
Bugs Bunny Cake Rs 800
Caramel Mousse Cake Rs 425
Dark Sensation Veg Premium Rs 350
Designer Cake Large (16-110) Rs 1,000
Designer Cake Large 2 (16-110) Rs 1,500
Designer Cake Small (16-108) Rs 500
Devils Delite Premium Cake Rs 350
Dutch Chocolate Cake Rs 300
Dutch Chocolate Cake Large Rs 600
Exotic Fruity Cake Rs 425
Fresh Fruit Veg Premium Rs 700
Fruit and Floral Wedding Cake Rs 6,300
Golden Bells Wedding Cake Rs 6,300
Grape Orange Cake Rs 800
Gulliver Gold Cake Rs 850
Gulliver Gold Cake 2 Rs 425
Hazelnut Cake Rs 300
Hazelnut Cake 2 Rs 600
Makeup Kit 3D Cake Rs 4,400
Mango Kesar Cake Rs 800
Mango Mousse Cake Rs 425
Midnight Delite Cake Large Rs 700
Midnight Delite Cake Rs 350
Morning Dew Cake Rs 850
Pineapple Cake Large Rs 600
Pineapple Cake Rs 300
Raspberry Fudge Inspirational Cake Rs 850
Red Velvet Cake Rs 450
Sheet Cakes
Alpine Chocolate Cake Rs 600
Barbie Photo Cake Rs 850
Dholakpur Village 3D Cake Rs 3,300
Farm House Cake Rs 1,600
Farm Yard Card Rs 800
Hot Wheels Racing Car Photo Cake Rs 850
Peach Apricot Cake Rs 800
Photo Cake 1 Rs 900
Photo Cake 2 Rs 1,350
Photo Cake 3 Rs 1,800
Rainbow Veg Premium Cake Rs 350
Retro Music 3D Cake Rs 4,400
Shimmer Cake Large Rs 700
Shimmer Cake Small Rs 300
Silver Cushion Wedding Cake Rs 6,300
Tim and Jolly 3D Cake
Heart Cakes
Black Forest Heart Cake Rs 350
Double Heart Chocolate Cake Rs 1,600
Dutch Chocolate Heart Cake Rs 700
Fig and Honey Cake Rs 800

Monginis Cake Types & Designs

Monginis specializes in all different kinds of goodies, including cakes both full sized and bar sized. They also make chocolates and packaged treats. Monginis cakes range all across the board; they make round cakes, sheet cakes and 3D cakes. They also make cakes with decorations that can be photo printed. These are especially good for customization.

The flavors of the cakes range from classic flavors like chocolate, red velvet and strawberry to more unique types. Blueberry, caramel, hazelnut, grape, orange, fresh fruit and other cakes are available.

Monginis Birthday Cakes

There is no dedicated section on the website for birthday cakes. Even so, you can choose any of the fun cakes available to help kick off your party. For kids, you can choose a Bugs Bunny cake, a printed cake with their favorite photo, the Hot Wheels cake or one of the Monginis 3D cakes.

For adults, you can enjoy any of the cakes in your favorite flavors. Some are more ornately decorated than others if you want something eye catching. You can also browse the Denish cakes catalogue for more birthday cake ideas.

Monginis Graduation Cakes

Even without a dedicated graduation section, you can find a great cake for any graduate. Simply choose their favorite flavor or favorite color. You could also choose a photo cake and print something meaningful on it. This could be a picture of them in their cap and gown or a picture of their school mascot.

Monginis Baby Shower Cakes

There is no specific baby shower cake, but you can get creative with the choices. Choose one of the cakes that are blue or pink. You can also just pick a crowd favorite flavor to make everyone at the shower happy.

Monginis Wedding Cakes

There are a couple of different Monginis weddings cakes to suit the occasion. Choose one of the following:

Fruit and Floral Wedding Cake

Golden Bells Wedding Cake

You could also choose a heart-shaped cake.

Monginis Cakes Delivery Options

In order to order a cake, you will have to get in touch with the store you want to order from. You can do that from the contact page.

You can ask about delivery options when you call.


Monginis is a timeless bakery in India sure to suit your needs. Get your cake from this company and then return to our site. We want to know what you thought in the comments section below.

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