Mister Baker Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Mister Baker is a bakery that is located throughout the United Arab Emirates. They offer several different locations throughout each of the seven states and they offer just as many cake types. In our article, we will provide you with information on Mister Baker cakes prices.

Not only will we provide you with the prices of the cakes, we will tell you about the different kinds of cakes that are offered by the bakery. This will include any occasion-specific Mister Baker cakes such as for birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers and others. The ordering and delivery procedure will also be discussed.

Mister Baker Cakes Prices

 Signature Cakes
Fresh Strawberry cake 100 AED
Rainbow cake 240 AED
Chocolate Noisette 140 AED
Blueberry No Bake Cheesecake 120 AED
Rose Cake 140 AED
Pistachio Rose No Bake Cheesecake 140 AED
Lotus No Bake Cheesecake 140 AED
Tiramisu 120 AED
Chocolate Truffle Cake Heart 140 AED
Butterscotch Cake 90 AED
Chocolate Truffle Cake Round 100 AED
Triple Chocolate Cake 140 AED
Red Velvet Cake 120 AED
Chocolate Fudge Cake 120 AED
Choco Mocha Cake 120 AED
Honey Cake 100 AED
Florida Cake 100 AED
Devil’s Choco Cake 140 AED
Strawberry Flavored Cake 90 AED
Black Forest Cake 100 AED
Rose Swirl cake 130 AED
Celebration Cakes
Football Jersey cake 510 AED
Heart Box cake 340 AED
Bob (Minion) cake 340 AED
Police Uniform 340 AED
Insta Logo 300 AED
Heart Chocolate 340 AED
Heart Chocolate M&M 360 AED

Mister Baker Cake Types & Designs

Mister Baker offers a wide selection of styles and shapes of cakes for you to choose from. They specialize in creating standard round cakes and even 3D cakes as well. No matter what the occasion might be, there is sure to be the perfect cake for you there. Choose from a themed cake such as one made to look like a police uniform or Minion. You could also choose a heart-shaped or round cake in any familiar flavor.

Mister Baker Birthday Cakes

There is no dedicated birthday cake selection, but there are still plenty of Mister Baker cakes to choose for a birthday cake. You can base your choice off of the favorite flavors of the birthday boy or girl. The rainbow cake is a bright and fun choice; if you’re hoping for something a little more downplayed, though, you can go for any of the familiar flavors in their catalog.

There are a number of standard classics such as chocolate and strawberry cakes. You could also try something new, such as a rose cake, a honey cake or one of their cheesecakes.

Mister Baker Graduation Cakes

While there are no Mister Baker cakes specifically meant for graduation, their large selection of cakes will offer you plenty of choices. You can choose from one of their celebration cakes, or you can opt for one of their signature ones. Each one of these cakes comes with familiar flavors that are sure to suit the tastes of any graduate. Choose one in their favorite color or choose to get one in their favorite flavor. Either way, your friend will be happy to celebrate with a cake from Mister Baker.

Mister Baker Baby Shower Cakes

There are plenty of cakes for you to choose from at Mister Baker when hosting a baby shower. You can go with a cake that you know everyone at the party will enjoy; this includes standard flavors like chocolate and strawberry. You could also choose to get a cake that matches the color of the sex of the baby. For instance, you could choose the rose cake or the rose swirl cake for hosting a baby shower for a girl. You can also get a fun Minions-themed cake for the children in attendance.

Mister Baker Wedding Cakes  

Mister Baker has no formal wedding cakes on their website.  You can contact the bakery directly for inquiries. For suggestions on wedding cake designs, you can consult our 10 Types of Wedding Cakes article.

Mister Baker Cakes Delivery Options

Mister Baker allows you to have your cake delivered to you at any address. You can order online and have it sent to you through their website. The process for ordering a cake from Mister Baker online is as follows:

  1. Choose the cake you want to order.
  2. Click the cake.
  3. Click the red button that says “add to cart.”
  4. Click the red button that reads “view cart.”
  5. At the bottom, click the button that says “proceed to checkout.”
  6. Enter your billing and shipping details, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Town and city
  1. Enter your payment method.
  2. Place order.


Mister Baker makes it easy for those in the United Arab Emirates to enjoy a cake for any occasion. After you have received your cake, come back to our site. We want to hear about your experience. Tell us about everything from the ordering process to how the cake tasted in the comments section below.

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