Market Basket Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Market Basket is a chain of grocery stores with around 75 locations in New England. The store is famous for its low-priced, high-quality groceries. The Market Basket bakery has equally great deals on freshly baked goodies.

If you’re looking for a cake to celebrate a special occasion and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Market Basket bakery menu is sure to have something. When you compare slice-to-slice costs between Market Basket cakes prices with those of other bakeries, Market Basket cakes usually come out on top

Market Basket Cakes Prices

Market Basket cakes prices can vary slightly from store to store. The price list that follows is based on averages across the chain.

Market Basket Round Cakes
8” Single Layer Round Cake Starts at $7.99
8” Double Layer Round Cake Starts at $14.99
Market Basket Sheet Cakes
1/4 Sheet Cake (Serves 15 to 18 people) Starts at $15.99
1/2 Sheet Cake (Serves 25 to 35 people) Starts at $25.99
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 75 to 80 people) Starts at $45.99
Market Basket Cupcake Cakes
12 Count Starts at $14.99
24 Count Starts at $24.99
Market Basket Wedding Cakes
2 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $105.99
3 Tier Specialty Round Cake Starts at $158.99

Market Basket Cake Types & Designs

Market Basket cakes are available in all the standard flavors, including white chocolate, regular chocolate and marble. For the icing, you can opt for chocolate or vanilla buttercream or whipped topping to finish the cake in the perfect way to suit your tastes. All the Market Basket cakes come with basic decorating services like adding a greeting and flowers or balloons to the top of the cake.

In addition to their selection of standard cakes, the Market Basket bakery also offers ice cream cakes. The ice cream cakes consist of one layer of cake and one layer of ice cream. You can have your choice of frosting or topping. Market Basket pricing on ice cream cakes is generally a little higher than the standard costs shown above.

If you don’t want to deal with cutting a cake at the party, you can order Market Basket cupcakes cakes for the event. The cupcakes cakes are available in white chocolate, regular chocolate or mixed varieties. In addition, you can decorate Market Basket cupcakes in colors to match the theme of your party.

Market Basket Birthday Cakes

Market Basket birthday cakes are popular for people of all ages. For grownups, round and sheet cakes can be customized with flowers or balloons in a favorite color. You can have a greeting like “Happy Birthday” added to the cake in icing that matches the border and other decorations. Some people choose to have the guest of honor’s age written on the cake as well.

You can make your little ones’ party extra special with one of Market Basket’s character cakes. These licensed Market Basket birthday cakes designs include figurines of famous childrens’ characters such as superheroes from DC and Marvel and the Disney princesses. Specific designs available at the Market Basket bakery change throughout the year.

The cost of character cakes is generally a little more than the standard Market Basket pricing. More affordable options are available from Albertsons birthday cakes. These Albertsons birthday cakes come in dozens of customizable designs.

Market Basket Graduation Cakes

During May and June, Market Basket bakery locations often have plastic graduation-themed toppers in stock to add to their round and sheet cakes. These decorations may include plastic graduation caps and diplomas and picks that say “Congratulations” or “Class of” and the year. You usually don’t have to pay extra for these cake decorations.

If you are looking for something special for a graduation cake, some Market Basket bakery locations may create a completely custom dessert for you. The cost will depend on the size and how elaborate the design you desire is. For more custom made desserts at affordable prices, check out Walmart’s selection of cake designs.

Market Basket Baby Shower Cakes

Market Basket bakery locations offer baby shower cake designs that make celebrations a little extra special. While the specific cakes that each store has to offer may be different, all locations have options that are ideal for girl babies, boy babies and for showers for mothers who are keeping the genders of their little ones a secret.

Some baby shower cakes from Market Basket are basic round and sheet cakes with plastic decorations. These designs do not usually have any extra cost associated with them beyond the standard Market Basket pricing. Others may be more elaborate and more expensive as a result. Your local Market Basket bakery can show you photos of the designs available at your store.

Market Basket Wedding Cakes

Market Basket wedding cakes are usually custom designs that are based off a number of base cake options on the Market Basket bakery menu. The bakery can make a double or triple tier cake in a wide range of colors to match your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers. Specialty designs that complement various themes like beach weddings may be available at some Market Basket bakery locations. For more triple tier designs, you can browse the Kroger cakes catalog.

The costs shown on the Market Basket prices list above are the starting prices for a very basic wedding cake. More elaborate designs with sculpted fondant and other decorations will cost more than the basic cakes prices above.

Market Basket Bakery Prices

Market Basket bakery prices can vary quite a lot depending on the location and depending Market Basket weekly deals. If you take a look at the Market Basket bakery flyer, you’ll see that you can save a lot of money each with their deals.

To give an idea of Market Basket bakery prices, you can a dozen Assorted Mini Cupcakes for $3 and banana chocolate chip loaf for $4.5. You can read the Market Basket bakery prices flyer online, or visit your local Market Basket bakery for exact prices and offer.

Market Basket Cakes Delivery Options

Market Basket does not offer the option to order your cakes online at this time. To purchase a cake, you must visit a Market Basket location. You can use the Market Basket locator tool to find the nearest location. Using the Market Basket store locator, you can also view contact information for each individual Market Basket store. You should contact your Market Basket to find ou more about Market Basket cake prices and designs in that location.

For Market Basket birthday cakes and other standard cakes, you typically only need to provide 24 hours notice for an order. To order a specialty design or a wedding cake, you will usually need to give the bakery more lead time. It is a good idea to contact them to find out how soon you need to order.

Delivery is not offered for standard Market Basket cakes. An individual store may deliver wedding cakes to venues located within a certain radius of their location. Market Basket may charge a fee to deliver your cake to the venue. If you are purchasing a Market Basket cake in store, be sure to check your local stores hours. New Bedford Market Basket hours may differ from say Chelsea Market Baket hours. You can usually see a store’s schedule using the location tool.

Whether you’re looking for a small birthday cake or a huge sheet cake to feed a crowd at a graduation party, Market Basket can whip up something tasty just for you. If you try out Market Basket cakes, please come back to our site and let us know what you thought of the one that you purchased.

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