HEB Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

The HEB Grocery Company or HEB as it is known for short is a top place to shop for groceries throughout Texas and parts of Mexico. Known for their tagline “Here Everything’s Better,” the grocery chain seeks to provide shoppers with value for the money, and that’s clear with their selection of HEB cakes.

At the HEB bakery, you can purchase a wide range of cakes for special occasions for less than what you would pay per serving at many other stores. Cakes prices can vary slightly from location to location, but this guide will give you an idea of the average price that you can expect to pay for a tasty dessert from the store.

H E B Cakes Prices

H E B Sheet Cakes 1/8 Swirling Floral Sheet Cake (Serves up to 12 people) Starts at $8.98
1/8 Balloon Party Sheet Cake (Serves up to 12 people) Starts at $8.98
1/8 Gift Celebration Sheet Cake (Serves up to 12 people) Starts at $8.98
1/8 Floral Sheet Cake (Serves up to 12 people) Starts at $8.98
1/4 Swirling Floral Sheet Cake  (Serves up to 24 people) Starts at $14.98
1/4 Balloon Party Sheet Cake (Serves up to 24 people) Starts at $14.98
1/4 Gift Celebration Sheet Cake (Serves up to 24 people) Starts at $14.98
1/4 Floral Sheet Cake (Serves up to 24 people) Starts at $14.98
1/2 Swirling Floral Sheet Cake  (Serves up to 48 people) Starts at $22.48
1/2 Balloon Party Sheet Cake (Serves up to 48 people) Starts at $22.48
1/2 Gift Celebration Sheet Cake (Serves up to 48 people) Starts at $22.48
1/2 Floral Sheet Cake (Serves up to 48 people) Starts at $22.48
Full Swirling Floral Sheet Cake  (Serves up to 96 people) Starts at $37.98
Full Balloon Party Sheet Cake (Serves up to 96 people) Starts at $37.98
Full Gift Celebration Sheet Cake (Serves up to 96 people) Starts at $37.98
Full Floral Sheet Cake (Serves up to 96 people) Starts at $37.98
H E B Cookie Cakes 12” Cookie Cake Starts at $8.99
H E B Specialty and Gourmet Cakes 1/4 Papel Picado Sheet Cake (Serves up to 24 people) $19.98
1/2 Papel Picado Sheet Cake (Serves up to 48 people) $28.48
Full Papel Picado Sheet Cake (Serves up to 96 people) $48.98
2-Tier Papel Picado Cake (Serves up to 43 people) $49.98
1/4 Texas A&M Sheet Cake (Serves up to 24 people) $25.98
1/2 Texas A&M Sheet Cake (Serves up to 48 people) $34.98
Full Texas A&M Sheet Cake (Serves up to 96 people) $48.98
12” Texas A&M Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake $12.98
6” Heavenly Delight Cake $10.98
8” Heavenly Delight Cake $16.98
Sensational Chocolate Bar Cake $13.98
6” Round Sensational Chocolate Cake $12.98
Carrot Bar Cake $13.98
German Chocolate Bar Cake $13.98
6” Round German Chocolate Cake $12.98
French Vanilla Bar Cake $13.98
6”Round French Vanilla Cake $12.98
Red VelvetM Bar Cake $13.98
6” Round Red Velvet Cake $12.98

HEB Cake Types & Designs

HEB cakes come in standard sheet cake sizes in a wide range of flavors. You can pick from any of the following:

  • Chocolate
  • White
  • Half chocolate/half white
  • Marble
  • Yellow

Custom cakes can be frosted with chocolate buttercream, white buttercream or the chocolate or vanilla Elite frosting, which is a light, yet rich whipped topping of the store’s own special recipe. At no extra charge, you can have one of five fillings added:

  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla custard

Standard HEB bakery cakes can be customized with up to three different colors of icing for the borders, text and other decorations and with messages up to 50 characters in length.

In addition to their customizable sheet cakes, HEB bakery also has a number of specialty desserts available to order. Their gourmet collection includes more than 10 deluxe cakes, most of which come in bar and traditional round forms. These cakes are not personalized and suitable for all occasions.

A popular celebration cake at HEB bakery is the papel picado, a colorful design that includes paper decorations inspired by the paper crafts of Mexican folk art. This cake comes in sheet cake sizes as well as in the form of a two-tier round cake.

If you want something a little different than cake for dessert, HEB cookie cakes are the perfect solution. Similar to the cookie cakes at Costco, they measure 12 inches in diameter. They are giant chocolate chip cookies finished with two colors of icing and a message of up to 50 characters.

HEB cakes prices for all of these desserts are outlined in the table above.

HEB Birthday Cakes

Custom HEB birthday cakes come in four different designs, each of which can be personalized with a “Happy Birthday” greeting in colors that you specify. The four HEB birthday cake designs include:

– Swirling Floral. This sheet cake features a simple icing border with six flowers along the edges. The sides of the cake are combed, and there is a wave border along the bottom.

– Floral Cake. A traditional design, this HEB birthday cake has three roses piped onto opposite corners of the cake with classic wave icing borders along both the top and bottom.

– Balloon. Popular for kids, this birthday sheet cake has icing balloons on two opposite corners and a solid icing border on the top. Wave icing is used along the bottom edge, and all four sides are finished with icing polka dots.

– Gift Celebration. This imaginative HEB birthday cake is designed to look like a wrapped present with an icing ribbon, polka dot decorations and a wave icing border along the bottom.

Some locations may offer additional HEB cakes birthday designs for men, women and kids. The cost of these cakes will usually be a little more than what is shown on the HEB cakes prices guide above.

HEB Graduation Cakes

Any of the celebration HEB bakery cakes for birthdays can be an attractive cake for a graduation party. You can have the icing done in the graduate’s school colors to perfectly personalize the dessert for the occasion.

If you’re celebrating a graduation from Texas A&M University or the graduation of a high school senior who will be attending the university, HEB offers extra special cake designs that are perfect for you. The store has a licensing agreement with the university that allows them to add their logo to desserts.

The HEB bakery Texas A&M graduation desserts include sheet cakes with the logo and burgundy roses and a 12-inch cookie cake with the logo inside a halo of burgundy and white roses. Prices for both of these HEB bakery cakes are shown in the table above.

HEB Baby Shower Cakes

You can make a baby shower festive by customizing any of the HEB birthday cakes with pink, blue or yellow decorations for the occasion. Instead of adding the words “Happy Birthday” to your sheet cake, you can have a congratulatory message to the new mom or the words “Welcome Baby” written on it.

With their colorful, fun designs, the Papel Picado cakes are a great choice for baby showers. The two-tier cake is especially pretty and can feed up to 43 people. You can have the cake iced in blue and yellow or pink and yellow to suit the theme of a baby shower.

HEB Wedding Cakes

HEB wedding cakes are very popular throughout Texas. The bakery offers a wide range of beautiful customizable designs for the occasion. When you purchase an HEB wedding cake, you can choose from any of the standard flavors and fillings. Additionlly, you can opt for the standard icings plus an extra icing flavor. These include French buttercream, chocolate fudge and cream cheese icing.

In the HEB wedding cake designs collection, you’ll find six different types of wedding cakes:

– Rustic Bride. Perfect for shabby chic, vintage and outdoor weddings, these cakes are inspired by the beauty of nature. Many include HEB wedding flowers as well as icing decorations.

– Elegant Bride. These HEB wedding cake designs are intended for formal receptions. Glittering accents, fondant flowers and dramatic cake toppers are found in this collection.

– Modern Bride. Intended for the couple that prefers more minimalistic cake designs, these unique cakes come in vibrant colors and have simple decorations like fondant bows and fresh flowers.

– Whimsical Bride. Ideal for couples that want something out of the ordinary, these eccentric designs include standard cakes and HEB cupcakes presentations.

– Savvy Bride. These HEB wedding cakes are beautiful but affordable on a more modest budget.

– Groom’s Cakes. Inspired by manly pursuits like poker and football, these HEB cake designs bring fun to receptions.

The cost of the cakes is typically between $1.50 to $3.00 per serving. Only certain stores offer HEB bakery cakes. You can check out the Wedding Cake Stores Directory for more information. For even more designs in the same price range, check out the Cold Stone wedding cakes in traditional flavors like red velvet or mint chocolate.

HEB Cakes Delivery Options

While the HEB bakery will deliver wedding cakes within a certain radius of the store, you must pick up standard cake purchases from an HEB location near you. There is usually a charge for wedding cake delivery in addition to the cakes prices in table above.

Placing an HEB cake order is very easy. You can use their website to see your local HEB prices online and then order your cake right through the system. You simply select the cake that you desire and then pick all of your customization options. Then, you’ll have to select a pick-up date and time.

If you prefer not to place your HEB cakes order online, you can call your local store or stop in to make your order in person. If you are planning to buy an HEB wedding cake, you will need to go to the bakery and meet with a cake decorator for a consultation. You cannot use the HEB cakes online system for wedding cakes.

To find your nearest HEB location along with their phone number and hours, you can use the online search tool. For standard cakes, 24 hours notice is required for an order. For wedding cakes, you should allow for at least 1 month of planning.

If you want to purchase HEB custom cakes for an upcoming celebration, please return to our site after you’ve enjoyed your dessert. Leave a message in the Comments area to let us know about your experience. Your feedback can help other people decide whether or not to choose the HEB  bakery for their next event.

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