10 Types Of Graduation Cakes

Graduating from high school or college is a major achievement and one that deserves to be celebrated. It’s customary to serve graduation cakes at parties to recognize graduates, and today, there are many different kinds that you can choose from.

If you’re looking for graduation sheet cake ideas, here are 10 different types that you can find at many bakeries across the country:

1. Graduation Flower Cakes

If you prefer simple graduation cakes, one decorated with icing flowers in the graduate’s school colors is a great solution. Most popular as graduation cakes for girls because flowers are feminine, these cakes can be customized by using colors for the blossoms that match the graduate’s class colors.

Nearly all bakeries offer graduation sheet cakes with colored flowers. Walmart graduation cakes and Costco graduation cakes are typically reasonably priced for this type of cake. Compared to other graduation sheet cake designs, floral styles are usually the most affordable.

2. Cap or Diploma Graduation Cakes

Cap and diploma designs are good graduation cakes for guys and girls alike because their styles are gender neutral. Typically, these cakes feature a plastic hat or diploma decoration with icing borders in the graduate’s class colors. Sam’s club graduation cakes offer these two designs and more customization options.

Many bakeries offer this type of design. Some may be willing to make it in smaller round styles, not just graduation sheet cake.

3. Graduation Present Cakes

If you want to do something a little different than the graduation decorated cakes, a present cake is a great solution. Present cakes consist of one or two layers of cake and are decorated to look like wrapped gifts.

While the cost of this cake graduation design is a little more than a simple graduation cake with flowers or plastic decorations, they’re still rather economical. Safeway graduation cakes and Vons graduation cakes all include present-style cakes.

4. Ice Cream Graduation Cakes

Ice cream cakes can be a fun alternative to traditional cakes, and many large ice cream chains offer them. Dairy Queen graduation cake designs are varied and you can buy cakes large enough to feed about 25 people.

Baskin Robbins cream cakes and Cold Stone cream cakes are made out of a layer of cake and a layer of ice cream. Their menu includes some larger options with cakes that can feed up to about 50 people.

5. Photo Graduation Cakes

For high school graduation cakes, photo cakes have become very popular. Great graduation cake ideas for guys and for girls, these cakes have a senior portrait or another photo of the graduate printed on them. Some can even have two photos with a childhood picture on one side and a recent picture on the other.

Normally, photo graduation cake decoration designs are more expensive than standard cakes. If you’re looking for a good deal on a photo cake, check out the Walmart graduation cake lineup.

6. Graduation Cupcake Cakes

Graduation cupcake cakes make serving dessert at the party simple. They either cut down on or eliminate the need to cut the cake. There are different types of cupcakes available. Some are simply individual cupcakes that are arranged together in an attractive display. Others are arranged in a cluster and iced altogether.

In the Publix graduation cakes collection, you can find combination cupcake cakes. These cakes feature a small round cake plus cupcakes, giving you something to cut and something to serve instantly.

7. Graduation Cookie Cakes

A graduation cookie cake can be a fun choice for graduates who prefer a tasty chocolate chip cookie to a traditional cake with icing.

Cookie cakes are usually giant chocolate chip cookies that serve roughly 8 to 12 people. Wegmans’ graduation cookie cake is one of the few cakes in standard sheet cake sizes to feed a larger crowd.

You can have them decorated in school colors and add a message of congratulations on top. HEB bakeries offer a special Texas A&M graduation cookie cake, and Harris Teeter graduation designs are also well known for their messages written on cookies.

8. Graduation Mascot Cakes

Mascot cakes are great graduation cakes for boys and girls who play sports or who were actively involved in and proud of their high schools or colleges.

These cakes are usually round or sheet cakes, decorated with an image of the school’s mascot or their shield or crest. Not all bakeries will make this type of graduation birthday cake. You may need to call around to a few in your area if you want to purchase one.

The cost will usually be more for one of these made-to-order cake designs for graduation parties.

9. Graduation Book Cakes

If you’re looking for unique cakes for graduation party celebrations, book cakes are a fun solution. Normally, these designs consist of two different cake tiers that are cut into rectangular shapes and then frosted to resemble books.

At most bakeries, you can customize the colors of these cakes to match the school colors and have the cake personalized with subjects that you prefer. The cost is generally more than a simple graduation cake. Giant Eagle graduation cakes suit both girls and boys.

10. Graduation Bundt Cakes

Another unique choice of decorated graduation cakes is the bundt cake, a very dense round cake with a hole in the middle and a fluted edge. Ideal for smaller parties, these graduation cake designs are usually decorated with bows and flags rather than icing greetings. Nothing Bundt Cakes is the most popular bakery for these types of graduation cakes designs.

While these are some of the most popular graduation cake ideas, the sky is really the limit when it comes to buying a graduation cake. Many bakeries are willing to work with you to come up with one-of-a-kind graduation cake design. Most will even have graduation cake pictures to show you to help inspire your custom designs.

If you’re planning to buy a graduation cake soon, please come back after your party and tell us about your cake! Sharing your description and linking to your graduation cake pictures can provide other readers with some design inspiration.

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