Gigi's Cupcakes Prices & Delivery Options

Gigi’s began as a dream of a girl named Gigi Butler who wanted to make a name for herself in Nashville, Tennessee. She moved to the area ten years before opening her cupcake business. Now, there are dozens of Gigi’s Cupcakes locations that offer her delightful cupcakes and cakes for occasions–graduations, birthday parties, and more.

You can order either online or in store, depending on what is most convenient for you. There is no delivery service, but you can pick up your cupcakes virtually any time you want. In this article, we’re going to talk about Gigi’s cupcakes prices, designs, and delivery options.

Gigi’s Cupcakes Prices

Gigi’s Cupcakes
Individual original cupcake $3.50
Individual gluten-friendly cupcake $3.50
Individual cheesecake cupcake $3.75
Mini cupcake 4-pack $5.99
Mini cupcake dozen $15.99
Full-size cupcake dozen $39.99

Gigi’s Cupcake Types & Designs

At Gigi’s Cupcakes, you can get a variety of cupcakes for nearly any occasion. The cupcakes come in both standard and mini sizes for you to choose from. There are different kinds of cupcakes, including standard cupcakes and those made out of cheesecake. Gigi’s Cupcakes offers a variety of cupcakes in different chocolate forms for you to choose from, as well as a couple of wedding cupcake varieties made to taste like wedding cake should.

Prices range anywhere from $3.75 for a single cupcake to $39.99 for a full dozen of standard size cupcakes. A dozen mini cupcakes costs $15.99.

Gigi’s Birthday Cupcakes

Gigi’s Cupcakes does not have a designated birthday party section, but that does not mean that there are no cupcakes appropriate for a birthday party. At Gigi’s Cupcakes, there are cupcakes that are ideal for fun birthday parties. The two most notable are:

  • Confetti fun. This cupcake features white cake with sprinkles baked right into it for a colorful flair. A swirl of buttercream goes over the top of the cupcake, and is then covered in colorful sprinkles.


  • Chocolate chip cookie dough. This cupcake is great for birthday parties because it comes with two treats in one. This cupcake features chocolate chip cookie dough with cookie dough frosting. Chocolate chips sit atop the frosting, and the cupcake is garnished with a chocolate chip cookie.

These cupcakes often cost around $15.99 to $39.99, depending on the size you get.

Gigi’s Graduation Cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes are customizable treats that Gigi’s Cupcakes specializes in. Here are a couple of ideas for your next graduation party:

  • School colors. They create custom cupcakes that adhere to the color of your school or any other color scheme.
  • Grad cap. This shop offers a “grad cap” cupcake style that features an edible graduation cap complete with fondant tassels. These tassels can also be customized to match a school’s color(s).


  • Diploma. Gigi’s Cupcakes also offer cupcakes of your choosing, with a diploma on top of the icing.

You will have to email the location nearest to you to discuss details and then go pick them up, as there is no delivery option.

Gigi’s Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes are another subset of cupcakes that Gigi’s Cupcakes offers their customers. No matter if you want a gender reveal party, or just want to throw a shower for the confirmed girl or boy, this company has cupcakes in both full sizes and miniature varieties.

Talk to Gigi’s about any custom orders that you want to place for the baby shower. You can often get the cupcake that you want and pair it with a color of icing of your choice. Then, Gigi’s can put a cute finishing touch on the look.

Gigi’s Wedding Cupcakes

Gigi’s puts a spin on classic wedding treats by turning wedding cakes into cupcakes instead. Through Gigi’s, you can get wedding cake cupcakes in full and miniature sizes. You can also get them in either regular or gluten free varieties.

Feel free to order them individually or cater to a large party by getting them by the dozen. The cupcakes can also be custom made, if you want to stray away from the white cake with buttercream design. Choose any color to suit your color pallet or any flavor to make your wedding unique. You can even choose cheesecake cupcakes instead of standard cupcakes.


The prices on these vary by amount, size, flavor, and cake type. See their dedicated wedding page for more information.

Gigi’s Cupcakes Delivery Options

Gigi’s Cupcakes makes it simple for you to order your cupcakes for any occasion. You can choose to get a variety pack of cupcakes or stick to what you prefer. Whatever you choose, ordering online is simple. Just browse their menu and choose a cupcake like the White Midnight Magic, for example.

After choosing your cupcake, choose the state in which you live. Then, click the area that has the Gigi’s cupcakes location nearest to you. You can also search for a location nearest to you before you choose the cupcake.

On the page that appears, click the option that says “pick up.” Read the information about their opening hours, so that you will know when the best time to pick up your cupcakes is. Then, click the green button that says “order.” From there, go to your cart and checkout. Payment will be processed online, so that you can just go into the store and pick them up when they are ready.

If you need to get in contact with Gigi’s for any reason, it is a simple process. You can select your store online for their unique contact details. Or, you can use the form on their Contact page and send them an email instead of calling or visiting the store.

At Gigi’s Cupcakes, you can find the perfect cupcakes for any graduation, birthday party, wedding event, or baby shower. Using cupcakes instead of cakes puts a fun, contemporary twist on the classic celebration treat. Plus, Gigi cupcakes prices are extremely affordable. Do you plan on getting a cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes? Come back after you have tried it and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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