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Labonel is a bakery that opened in 1996 in Banjara Hills, India, and has since been known to produce some of the highest quality cakes in the area. Their cakes are classics, inviting customers to indulge in favorites that have been given a gourmet touch. Labonel cakes prices vary depending on the kind of cake […]

Laurent cakes are French inspired, bringing a taste of France to all of their customers. Their cakes are unique and without standard, run of the mill flavors, making them a great place to turn to when you want something different for your celebration. These cakes are available in several different flavors and types. The prices […]

Exclusive to the Brooklyn, New York area, Lords Bakery specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind  cakes. Not only do they create standard cakes, they also create photo cakes. These cakes are ideal for absolutely anything that you could think of, making them highly versatile. The Lords Bakery cakes allow you to use any photograph, document, magazine […]

Lulu cakes are beautifully designed gourmet cakes. They come in both single tiers and multiple tiers, so that you can make your occasion as elegant or as casual as you’d like to. Their cakes are rather formal, and they offer tasting kits to help you figure out what it is that you want. They allow […]

Marble Slab is an ice creamery known for their unique and plentiful ice creams. A little-known secret about Marble Slab is that they also sell cakes. These cakes are made with a blend of their ice cream and their unique ingredients. You can get classic ice cream cakes or order one of their innovative designs. […]

Maxim Cakes is a bakery and restaurant located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. This bakery specializes in cakes, and offers cakes that are available in different varieties, making them appropriate for any occasion and taste. The Maxim Bakery cake prices are affordable as well, which means you can order them for different celebrations. In this […]

Lady M Cakes has been offering handmade cakes to clients in top restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles for years. Known for their decadence, these cakes are highly sought after, and for good reason. They offer a variety of cakes, some even for special occasions. Prices for Lady M Cakes vary depending on […]

Although the grocery chain has only around 200 locations, Giant Eagle is well known throughout the Northeast for having delicious prepared foods in their stores. The Giant Eagle bakery is a top source for cakes for all occasions and has a nice selection of customizable and specialty designs to choose from. Prices for Giant Eagle […]

The HEB Grocery Company or HEB as it is known for short is a top place to shop for groceries throughout Texas and parts of Mexico. Known for their tagline “Here Everything’s Better,” the grocery chain seeks to provide shoppers with value for the money, and that’s clear with their selection of HEB cakes. At […]

Marks & Spencer may be known for luxury fashions and home decor, but the British retailer also serves up a tasty assortment of decadent gourmet delicacies. Their selection of fine foods has separated the store from other British retailers for more than a century. With such an excellent reputation for providing delicious treats, it’s no […]

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