Costco Cakes Prices and Delivery Options

Millions of consumers have selected Costco Cakes since the wholesale members company opened its doors back in 1976. Today, the Costco bakery is home to the most popular cake products with Costco cakes prices ranging from $19-$60. Find a fitting cake from Costco bakeries to celebrate your important day.

Costco offers ready-made cakes, but they also provide custom cakes, made in the Costco bakery. You can browse through the Costco cake design catalog to find a design you like, and then customize it to fit the occasion. Some of the Costco celebration cakes you can order include:

  • Seasonal offerings cakes
  • Holiday cakes
  • Character cakes
  • Special occasions cakes

Costco Cakes Prices

Costco cakes prices differ according to the type of cake, design, and size. The Costco cakes prices table below gives you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a Costco cake. Bear in mind that not all Costco bakeries may have the same cakes price offer. Additional decorations and customization options may cost extra as well. It’s best if you consult with your local bakery to find out the exact price of your Costco cake design.

Costco Cakes Prices

Costco Cakes Designs 6-Tier Artisan Celebration Cake $180
Dorchester 6-Tier Celebration Cake $250
Classic Cheese Celebration Cake $96
Dorset Celebration Cake $194
Half Sheet Celebration Cake $74
Round Costco Cakes One Layer Round Cake $15
Two Layer Round Cake $28
Costco Cupcake Cakes Medium Cupcake Cake (Serves 12) $12
Large Cupcake Cake (Serves 24) $24
Costo Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake $12
1/4 Sheet Cake $22
1/2 Sheet Cake $34
Full Sheet Cake $58
Costco Wedding Cakes 2 Tier Wedding Cake $108
3 Tier Wedding Cake $178

Costco Cake Designs

Each of these basic Costco cake designs can be personalized to fit a particular occasion. In the following sections, we will be looking at the most popular Costco cake designs and customization options. You also have Costco cakes prices range.

Costco Birthday Cakes Prices

Whether you need a birthday cake for a child or an adult, there’s surely a Costco birthday cake design to fit the occassion. Children can enjoy cakes with their favorite animation or superhero characters. Examples are Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and many other Costco licensed cake designs. A half Costco sheet cake that serves 48 people goes for $19. Licensed cake designs are usually updated to feature the most popular characters of the moment. Some characters may become unavailable if there no longer in high demand.


There are also themed birthday cakes that include balloons, spray roses, the princess crown, caterpillar, smiling sun, king’s carriage and music.  The Costco dinosaur cake is one of the most popular designs for birthday cakes. To make the birthday more delightful, make a Costco cake order with your child’s name or image emblazoned across the top.

Adults, on the other hand, can pick birthday cakes with different customizations. Examples are movie characters and superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Catwoman and more. Alternatively, let the cake have a nature-themed design such as roses, rainbow and sports themes such as golf, rugby, soccer, and many others.

Costco birthday cakes prices start at $19 to how much you would like to spend.

Costco Graduation Cakes Prices

Most people choose graduation cakes with the typical book, pen and reading light as the key themes. You can order one of these more traditional Costco graduation cakes, by customizing a simple Costco sheet cake with thematic decorations.

You can also order a regular Costco cake design and add a custom message to the cake. The maximum number of characters is 35 while the Costco cakes price range is $15-$60. You can also choose the color of the icing and decorations to match the colors of the school.

Costco Baby Shower Cakes Prices

The Costco cakes catalog does not include any specific baby shower cake designs. However, you can easily create your own, together with the Costco bakery specialist. You can also adapt a Costco birthday cake design to suit this special occasion.


At Costco cakes, you can find different types, flavors, colors, sizes and customizations of baby shower cakes. The best examples are baby-themed cakes with an image of a smiling boy or girl and a tasteful message under it. In contrast, use the Costco online catalog to make whatever theme you want.

Creative ideas include themes of puppies, horses, the heart shape, balloons, stars and other items that signify joy. If you are religious, let the Costco bakery design the theme of the holy family where baby Jesus Christ belonged. To browse even more designs head to the Dairy Queen baby shower cakes page.

Costco Baby Shower cakes prices start at $20.

Costco Wedding Cakes Prices

Costco wedding cakes can be quite amazing. They offer all the traditional wedding cake designs and decoration options. When ordering a Costco wedding cake, you must consider the number of guests you are going to serve. For example, a half sheet wedding cake from Costco serves 48 people and goes for $36-$42 depending on the design. It is best to consult with a Costco bakery expert before ordering the cake. Costco wedding cakes prices start at $36.

The sky is the limit as far as customizing your Costco wedding cake is concerned. Many may prefer a simple wedding cake design, with delicate decorations in pastel colors. But you can also order a Costco wedding cake with a lavish, rich design. You can bring references for the Costco bakery specialists. You can also consult with the baker on the best cake design options to match your wedding theme.

Costco Bakery Prices

Costco bakeries offer a wide selection of dessert options. You can find fruit tarts, cookies, donuts and muffins in the bakery. Unlike Costco cakes, Costco bakery desserts cannot be purchased online. One of the reasons why is because not all Costco bakeries will have the same desserts.

If you would like to purchase Costco tarts, cookies or donuts for a larger party, it is best to consult with your local Costco bakery beforehand, to see if they can fill in the order. Some Costco desserts can be personalized, or made to specifications. Again, speak with the bakers at Costco to see what your customization and ordering options are.

Costco Cakes Delivery Options

The company is headquartered in Washington and has 493 warehouses across the country. You can contact the company at 1-800-774-2678 for information.

  • Monday-Friday 10 AM – 8.30 PM
  • Saturday 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM -6.00 PM

Costco cakes need to be pre-ordered at least 72 hours in advance. And if you want to purchase a cake during the holidays, it might be better to speak with a Costco bakery representative even earlier. Costco bakeries tend to be very busy during the holidays. You should also be aware that Costco stores tend to be closed during the holidays. Speak with your local Costco bakery on how you can pick up your order.

For more information about Costco cakes, Costco bakery schedules, and ordering options, contact Costco customer service! You can find their contact details at in the Customer Service section!

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