Charm City Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Duff Goldman has become one of the most famous pastry chefs in the world. Millions tune into his food network show “Ace of Cakes” to see the amazing cake designs that he creates at his bakery, Charm City Cakes.

Due to the fame of the show “Ace of Cakes,” Charm City Cakes cakes are in high demand. If you’re hoping to purchase one, this guide will give you all of the information that you need to get started. Please note that the Charm City Cakes prices provided here are subject to change and are based on average pricing data.

Charm City Cakes Prices

Charm City Cakes
Animal Print Cake Starts at $100
 Pink Polka Dot Cake  Starts at $150
 BOH Cake  Starts at $150
 Pink Black Dot Cake  Starts at $125
 Grill Time Cake  Starts at $150
 Confetti Cake  Starts at $150
 Graduation Hat Cake  Starts at $125
Zebra Cake  Starts at $150
 Storm Trooper Cake  Starts at $125
 Crab Bushel Cake  Starts at $125
 Butterfly Cake  Starts at $65
 CCC Autographs Cake  Starts at $125
 USA Cake  Starts at $150
 Lemon Cake  Starts at $65
 Flower Pot Cake  Starts at $100
 Anniversary Cake  Starts at $125
 Box O Chocolates Cake  Starts at $125
 Rosettes Cake  Starts at $65
 Tiffany Box Cake  Starts at $125
 Penguin Love Cake  Starts at $65
 Holiday Present Cake  Starts at $125
 Festival Present  Starts at $125

Charm City Cake Types & Designs

At Charm City Cakes will find three basic types of cakes:

Lil’ Cakes. Lil’ Cakes are cakes that have standard designs. These cakes are suitable for almost any occasion. The prices of these Charm City Cakes cakes are provided above. Generally, these are the least expensive cakes that you can purchase at the bakery. The price listed above is for the 6-inch Lil’ Cake. Some designs are offered in 8 inches sizes for an additional cost.

Tiered Cakes. Custom tiered cakes from Charm City Cakes are made to order uniquely for each customer. The smallest ones serve 10 to 15 people and usually sell for around $300. Larger and more elaborate designs cost more.

Sculpted Cakes. Sculpted cakes do not look like ordinary cakes at all. Instead, they are carved into unique three-dimensional shapes. Each one is custom made, to fit the customer’s order. Small ones usually feed 10 to 15 people and start at around $500.

Charm City Birthday Cake

A number of the Lil’ Cakes from Charm City Cakes make great birthday cakes. For children, the Storm Trooper, Butterfly, Pink Polka Dot and Confetti cakes are the most popular. Men often like the BOH Lil’ Cake, and women tend to find the Rosettes and Tiffany Box cakes to be appealing.


Some of the Lil’ Cakes have a place to add a birthday greeting to the guest of honor. This is done at no extra charge.

Charm City Cakes Graduation Cake

For graduation parties, the Graduation Hat Lil’ Cake is the perfect solution. This cake is sculpted into a shape of a graduation cap, and every part of it is edible. A fondant tassel hangs from the side. You can customize the tassel color to match that of the graduate’s school. You can add a personalized message for the guest of honor in the top corner.

Charm City Cakes Baby Shower Cake

Charm City Cakes does not have any specific baby shower cakes in their Lil’ Cakes collection. The Pink Polka Dot and Pink Black Dot cakes are sometimes used for baby girl showers. The Tiffany Box cake can be great for baby boy showers.

If you want something with a true baby theme, you’ll need to purchase a custom Charm City Cakes cake with either a multi-tier or sculpted design. Alternatively, you can browse through the Albertson baby shower cakes selection, if you want a ready-made but still delicious baby shower cake.

Charm City Cakes Wedding Cake

Charm City Cakes is especially famous for their wedding cakes. In addition to their one-of-a-kind custom and sculpted cakes, the bakery has three collections of cakes pre-designed cakes. Brides and grooms can choose one of these wedding cakes as an affordable alternative to the more expensive original creations.

The wedding cake collection at Charm City Cakes includes three types of cakes:

Classic Wedding Collection. These cakes include multi-tier square and round cakes with fondant icing and simple decorations like three-dimensional flowers or seashells. The cakes have timeless appeal and cost $6.50 per serving.

Signature Wedding Collection. These cakes are more elaborate than the Classic Wedding Collection cakes. They may have fancier icing, be more colorful or have special embellishments. The cost for these cakes is $8.50 per serving.

Premiere Wedding Collection. These Charm City Cakes wedding cakes are the most ornate. They feature very complex embellishments and include both modern and traditional designs. The price for the cakes is $10 per serving.


Charm City Cakes Delivery Options

Charm City Cakes does offer delivery to locations anywhere in the 48 states. The bakery only has
locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Los Angeles, California. If you live east of the Mississippi River, you will need to order your cake through the Baltimore store. The Los Angeles location handles all of the cake deliveries west of the Mississippi River.

The basic cost for Charm City Cakes delivery is $55 per hour of travel and set-up time. If the trip from the bakery to your location will take more than 10 hours, the bakery will assess an additional fee to cover lodging and meals for their team.

If you wish to purchase a Lil’ Cake, you can do so online. The process is very simple. Open the You will then have to select your area.  Next, browse through the Charm City cakes options and choose the one that fits the occassion. Note that, if you want to order a customer Charm City Cake, you wil have to schedule an appointment with the Charm City Bakery.

Lil’ Cakes cannot be shipped, so you will have to pick them up from a Charm City Bakery.

To purchase a wedding cake from the Charm City Cakes collection or a custom cake for any occasion, you begin by completing an online inquiry form. The form will tell you whether or not your date is available. Please be aware that Charm City Cakes books well in advance. You will likely need to order at least 1 year ahead.

After you have completed the inquiry form, someone from Charm City Cakes will contact you with a quote. Then, you can decide if you want to have a consultation. This is the time when you plan your cake and get to sample the different flavors that the bakery has. The cost of the consultation is $50, and it is nonrefundable.

Have you ordered a Charm City Cakes cake before or are you planning to order one? We’d love to hear about your experience! Please write a Charm City Cakes review in the “Comments” section to help other readers decide whether or not to choose the bakery for their upcoming occasion

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