BJ's Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

BJ’s is a wholesale warehouse that features various different departments. One of the departments that they are most famous for is their bakery since anyone can order cakes there specifically the way they want them.

Yet, do keep in mind before you continue reading that you will have to be a registered member of the BJ’s membership program before you can order their cakes.

In this article, we will discuss BJ’s cakes prices while also taking a look at relevant information about the online ordering process, current cake delivery options, cake types, and more.

BJ’s Cakes Prices

BJ’s Round Cakes
10” Round Cake (Serves 18 to 24) Starts at $15.99
2-Tiered Gold Cake (Severs 38 to 46) Starts at $29.99
BJ’s Sheet Cakes
Quarter Gold Sheet Cake (Serves 12 to 16) Starts at $16.99
Quarter Marble Sheet Cake (Serves 12 to 16) Starts at $16.99
Half Gold Sheet Cake (Serves 20 to 30) Starts at $23.99
Half Marble Sheet Cake (Serves 20 to 30) Starts at $23.99
Half Half-and-Half Sheet Cake (Serves 20 to 30) Starts at $23.99
Full Half-and-Half Sheet Cake (Serves 60 to 75) Starts at $39.99
Full Gold Sheet Cake (Serves 60 to 75) Starts at $39.99

BJ’s Cake Types & Designs

BJ’s cakes come in a variety of different styles and flavors. In terms of sizes, you can choose from:

  • 8″ and 10″ round cakes
  • 1/4 sheet cakes
  • 1/2 sheet cakes
  • Full sheet cakes
  • Two-tiered gold cakes

Choose from flavors that include:

  • Gold
  • Chocolate
  • Marbled
  • Vanilla or chocolate mousse filling
  • Buttercream or whipped icing

Pick a trim color for the cake from the following: black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow. The writing can be done in the same colors.

Cakes range in price from $10.99 to $39.99, depending on the cake you get.

BJ’s Cakes Birthday Cakes

While BJ’s does not have a dedicated birthday cake, you can still get one made for your birthday boy or girl. To do this, choose the type of cake flavor and size that you want.

Next, choose the icing and any filling you want. After you have selected the trim and writing colors, you can choose what you want the text on the cake to say, such as a personalized happy birthday wish.

This way, your cake ends up more personalized and customized than a standard store-bought cake.

If you’re looking for more birthday cake options, you can also check out our list of best places to order birthday cakes.

BJ’s Cakes Graduation Cakes

Although BJ’s does not have a dedicated graduation cake, you are still able to have one made for the recent graduate in your life. To do this, pick out the type of cake flavor and size that you think the graduate would prefer.

Then, choose the icing and any filling that they could want from the two choices of each. After you have selected the trim and writing hues, you can leave a congratulatory message for them on the cake.


BJ’s Cakes Baby Shower Cakes

BJ’s does not have a specific baby shower cake. Still, you can make one on your own by selecting the right color choices and messages. For instance, a girl’s baby shower could have pink trim and pink writing. You could include the phrase “it’s a girl” or something to that effect.

For a boy, you could do the same thing: pick out blue trim and blue lettering. Then, spell out something like “it’s a boy” or “congratulations.” The possibilities for writing are endless with the helpful customization at BJ’s.

BJ’s Cakes Wedding Cakes

BJ’s does not have a dedicated wedding cake either. Still, you can create one by adding your own unique message to the cake itself. Get one with whipped cream or white icing to go with the wedding theme.

Then, choose the color for the trim and the writing based upon the color scheme of the wedding. You could write Mr. and Mrs., or a congratulatory message instead.

Whatever you want to do, you are likely to be able to do it with BJ’s bakery.

BJ’s Bakery Prices

You can also order from the BJ’s bakery cookies, pastries and many more bakery products. BJ’s sells bakery products from well-known brands such as Wellsley Farms, Pillsbury or Pepperidge Farm.

You can find delicious products for less than $15. BJ’s club members can order BJ’s bakery products for even less than that, thanks to the numerous BJ’s bakery discounts.

To view the BJ’s bakery offer, visit the Bakery section of the website. Be sure to check with your local BJ’s bakery for prices and product availability before purchasing.

BJ’s Cakes Delivery Options

At BJ’s, you can order your cakes online for a convenient way to get your sweet treats. After you have placed the online order, you can go to the nearest BJ’s location to pick the cake up.

You can determine which BJs bakery location is closest to you by going to their website. There, you can look up locations using their location service.

Once you have determined the right location, you can get into the ordering process, which is as simple as it can get:

  1. Type in your BJs member number.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Type in your phone number.
  4. Use the drop down menus to select your city and state.
  5. Choose a pickup date and time.
  6. Use the drop down menu to select: – The cake type that you want – The color for the cake trim – The color for the writing on the cake

    – The message that you want on the cake.

They will ask you to allow a minimum of 36 hours from the time that you place your order until you come and pick it up. These cakes are available for pickup anytime after that, but the bakery usually does not offer delivery options.

Get in touch with BJ’s bakery using their contact page. There, you will find a number of different phone numbers, as well as an email form.

BJ’s cakes are a simple, quick solution when you need a cake but do not want to spend too much time at a bakery.

Are you planning to get a cake from BJ’s or have you already ordered one? Tell us how everything worked out in the comments section below.

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