10 Types Of Baby Shower Cakes

While people may not remember what they ate at a baby shower, a tasty, adorable baby shower cake is something that people look back on fondly long after the event has passed. As a result, you want to make sure that you pick the perfect baby shower cakes for the big day.

Today, baby shower cakes go beyond the basics and come in many different types of designs. If you have the important job of picking the cake to honor that special mother-to-be, here are 10 different baby shower cake ideas to consider:

1. Baby Shower Sheet Cakes

A baby shower sheet cake is a rectangular cake that has one layer and may or may not have filling inside. Sheet cakes are usually sold in quarter, half and full sizes, but some bakeries also offer eighth and double full sheet cakes for larger or smaller crowds. Generally, a sheet cake is used for a larger event. A full-sized baby shower sheet cake from Central Market may feed anywhere from 60 to 100 guests, depending on the dimensions of the cake and the sizes of the pieces that you cut. Nearly all bakeries that sell baby shower cakes will have sheet cakes. Together with round cakes, these are the most simple baby shower cakes. You can decorate them with baby shower cake toppers, such as balloons, kids toys or baby things, such as booties, cribs, or rattles. It’s also very easy to customize sheet cakes, to make them baby boy shower cakes or baby girl shower cakes.

2. Baby Shower Round Cakes

Round baby shower cakes are usually reserved for smaller gatherings because they can generally only feed around 6 to 12 people, depending on their size. Usually the least expensive option for baby shower cakes, round cakes have a classic look that some people simply find more appealing than sheet cakes. As a result, some people will choose to purchase more than one round cake to feed a crowd rather than buying a baby shower sheet cake. If you go this route, you can buy all of the cakes with identical designs or mix and match round baby shower cakes from Harris Teeter. Most bakeries that sell baby shower cakes offer round and sheet cakes options. Like sheet cakes, round baby shower cakes are easily customizable with cake toppers, or text in frosting. They usually don’t allow as many words as sheet cakes, as they tend to be smaller.

3. Baby Shower Tiered Cakes

Tiered baby shower cakes are more expensive than round or sheet cakes, but they can be more elegant and stylish. Like wedding cakes, tiered cakes consist of more than one cake stacked one atop the other. You can buy 2-tier baby shower cakes, 3-tier baby shower cakes and even larger cakes for your shower. Because tiered baby shower cakes are more of a specialty item, not all bakeries offer them. The Walmart baby shower cakes and Publix baby shower cakes both include tiered designs.

4. Baby Shower Cupcake Cakes

Cutting a cake can be a pain when you’re serving a big crowd. That’s why many people today are opting for cupcake cake baby shower cakes for their celebrations. Cupcake cakes consist of multiple cupcakes all iced together to form one shape. In some cases, they are just arranged on a stand of your choosing, while in others, they are grouped together into cute shapes. Bakeries may also pair a small round or sheet cake with cupcakes. You can check out these Sam’s Club baby shower cupcake cakes pictures to see some examples of this type of cake. Nearly all bakeries offer cupcakes, and most will customize them for a baby shower.

5. Baby Shower Cookie Cakes

Cookie cakes are tasty alternatives to a traditional cake. Usually, they are oversized chocolate chip cookies, and for a baby shower, you can have a special greeting for the mother-to-be piped in blue or pink icing on the center of the cookie. A number of bakeries offer cookie cakes that will usually feed 8 to 12 people, so you can opt for Harris Teeter or HEB cookie cakes. Wegmans’ chocolate chip cookie cake is a sheet cake-sized that is great for large baby showers.

6. Baby Shower Ice Cream Cakes

Another unique dessert idea for baby showers is the ice cream cake. An ice cream cake may contain only ice cream or a mix of ice cream and cake. Like traditional baby shower cakes, ice cream cakes for baby shower celebrations are usually decorated with a message for the mother or with a baby-themed design. Dairy Queen baby shower ice cream cakes come in more than 35 designs in sizes large enough to feed up to 24 people. Baskin Robbins baby shower cakes come in a smaller selection of designs but more sizes, so you can feed up 45 people.

7. Baby Shower Bundt Cakes

A baby shower bundt cake gives you the taste of classic cake but with a slightly different consistency. Denser than standard cake and shaped like a ring with a hole in the middle, bundt cakes are simple, yet delicious. Nothing Bundt baby shower cakes offer custom baby designs with bows and tiny flag decorations that are popular choices for serving at baby showers.

8. Sculpted Baby Shower Cakes

If you want to serve a baby shower cake that is truly unique, you can select a sculpted cake that is designed to look like something other than a cake. Normally, independent bakeries like Couture Cakes are the place to find these types of cakes. The sculpted baby shower cake from Publix looks like a pregnant woman’s torso in a dress. Generally, sculpted baby shower cakes are much more expensive than standard baby shower cakes because special techniques are used to make them. However, you won’t have to spend extra for baby cake toppers.

9. Baby Shower Present Cakes

A baby shower present or gift cake is a clever cake that is designed to look like a wrapped gift. These specialty baby shower cakes are made from sheet cakes and may include one or two tiers. Normally, they are finished with fabric or edible icing bows and decorations that look like wrapping paper. Many bakeries offer gift cakes for special occasions. In the Target baby shower cake collection, you’ll even find a wrapped gift cake that’s customized with toys for a baby shower theme.

10. Baby Shower Toy Cakes

A baby shower toy cake is a general name for any baby shower cake that is decorated with plastic toys like building blocks, booties or oversized diaper pins. Cold Stone baby shower cakes come in a wide selection of assortments. They’re a cute way to make a personalized cake match a baby shower theme, and most are not much more expensive than a simple baby shower cake decorated with icing flowers.

What kind of baby shower cake are you considering for your upcoming party? Tell us about your baby shower cake ideas in the “Comments” section. We’d also love to hear from you after the shower has passed to find out how everything went with your cake.

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