Asda Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Asda Stores Limited is the second largest grocery store chain in the UK with more than 600 locations throughout the country. Known for offering reasonable prices on everything in the store, Asda is the place where bargain hunters go for deals. This guide will introduce you to the world of Asda cakes. Pricing information and selection may vary from store to store.

If you’re planning a party and need a tasty dessert for the occasion, cakes from the Asda bakery are the perfect solution. The store has a wide selection of cakes available for affordable prices and makes it very easy to place an Asda cake order.

Asda Cakes Prices

Celebration Cakes Starting at £6
Character Cakes Starting at £10
Party Cakes Starting at £10

Asda Cakes Types & Designs

The Asda cakes selection includes three different basic types of cakes:

1. Sharing Cakes. Sharing cakes are dessert cakes that are designed to be cut and served as desserts. They typically focus on taste rather than style and are made from delicious ingredients that allow them to please a crowd. Sharing cakes can be served for any occasion and come in a variety of flavors and sizes.

2. Character Cakes. Popular Asda birthday cakes and special occasion cakes, character cakes have unique designs. They include cakes that are shaped like animals and cakes that are decorated with characters from movies, shows, books and video games. Normally, these cakes at Asda are only offered in one flavor and size.

3. Party Cakes. Also sometimes called celebration cakes and occasion cakes, Asda party cakes are intended for special get-togethers. They are designed to be both tasty and stylish and come in a variety of different designs. The cakes are usually offered in one flavor and size like the character cakes.

You can check out the price listings above to find out the starting price of the sharing, character and party cakes from Asda.

Asda Cakes Birthday Cake

You can use nearly any Asda party cake as a birthday cake, but there are a couple of designs made especially for birthdays:

– White Chocolate Birthday Cake. This round cake sells for £8. It is a Madeira sponge cake filled and iced with white chocolate frosting and decorated with chocolate stars.

– Large Party Cake. Designed to feed a crowd, this two layer white cake is filled with buttercream and raspberry jam. The words ‘Happy Birthday’ are written on top of its white soft frosting. The cost is around £8.

– Happy Birthday Cubes. You can serve these individual cake cubes without a knife. Each one contains rich chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache. You get 15 in one box for a price of around £9.

If you’re looking for Asda birthday cakes for kids, character cakes are by far the most popular options. Animal character cakes from Asda tend to appeal to younger kids and come in dog, tiger, horse and other shapes. These cakes usually cost £10.

The bakery offers licensed Asda birthday cakes for boys like superheroes and Star Wars designs. For girls, the Asda birthday cakes collection includes cakes with princesses, Minnie Mouse, and other popular characters. Licensed Asda cakes birthday designs sell for between £10 and £20.

Asda Graduation Cake

The Asda party cake collection does not have any designs that are especially for a graduation party. Most people simply choose a sharing cake or one of the celebration cakes with chocolate or white icing to serve for the occasion. For a traditional design, opt for a Waitrose graduation cake decorated with a bottle of champagne or a custom made message.

Asda Baby Shower Cake

While there are no specific baby shower cakes at Asda, a number of the cakes in Asda stores can be suitable for the occasion. Some ideas include:

– Emily the Elephant Cake. This adorable blue character cake sells for £10. It can be a fun choice for a shower for a baby boy.

– Pretty Petal Cake. Pale pink in color, this round party cake is topped with an icing rosette that is very feminine. Selling for £9, the cake can be an elegant choice for a baby girl’s shower.

– Two-Tier Blossom Cake. Iced in turquoise frosting and finished with hot pink ribbons and icing flowers in pink and white, this lovely cake works for baby boys and for baby girls. It sells for £12.

Asda Cakes Wedding Cake

In the standard collection of Asda cakes, there is one Asda wedding cake design. Called the ASDA Extra Special 3-Tier Occasion Fruit Cake, it sells for around £35.

Consisting of three tiers, the cake is a classic fruit cake with brandy-soaked cherries, marzipan, and a buttery cake base. The cake is finished with soft white icing, and the front is finished with a white satin bow. You can add a cake topper, fresh flowers or other decorations of your own to the top. If this is not the wedding cake you were looking for, browse the Couture wedding cakes for the design you want.

Asda Cakes Delivery Options

It’s very easy to buy Asda bakery birthday cakes or special occasion cakes, as the store gives you the freedom to shop online. You can browse the entire collection of Asda occasion cakes, read the items’ description and even find out information about their nutritional content.

When you find an Asda celebration cake, sharing cake or character cake that you wish to order, you simply add it to your cart. Then, you can pay for your order online using a credit card.

Asda offers delivery on all of the cakes that it makes. You can opt to have the cake shipped to your door for a small extra cost or to have it sent to your nearest store to pick up for free.

Because some people don’t want to order Asda birthday cakes online, the bakery also accepts orders in person and by phone. Normally, you can still have cakes that you purchase offline delivered for an additional charge.

Some locations offer Asda birthday cakes to order and Asda extra special wedding cake designs. If you’re looking for Asda cakes to order with a one-of-a-kind design or custom greeting, you’ll need to stop into a location. You can only buy these specialty Asda cakes in store bakeries.

In most cases, an extra fee applies when you buy Asda birthday cakes or Asda wedding cakes with a special order.

To find your nearest Asda store, use their online locator.

Planning to buy an Asda birthday cake or Asda wedding cake design? If so, we hope you’ll stop back after you’ve enjoyed the cake to tell us how it went. Leave a comment describing your experience, and you can help other people decide whether to buy Asda’s cakes for events.

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