ACME Cakes Prices & Delivery Options

Acme bakeries have maintained a good reputation throughout by offering gourmet cakes at a reasonable price. ACME cakes are quite affordable when compared to those of other bakeries such as Sam’s Club, Albertsons and Asda.

But just because they are affordable, it doesn’t mean ACME cakes are any less delicious. And if you’re worried about finding the perfect cake for your special occasion, rest assured, ACME has a wide variety of cakes and cake designs for any celebration.

In this post here, we’ll talk about all the various ACME cakes designs and how to order them.

ACME Cakes Prices

The table below shows the average ACME cakes prices. Bear in mind that prices may differ depending on the ACME bakery location.

ACME cakes prices will also vary depending on your choice of fillings, icing and the design and customization options you select.

Round Acme Cakes One Layer Round Cake $7.99
Two Layer Round Cake $14.99
Acme Cupcake Cakes Medium Cupcake Cake (Serves 12) $8.99
Large Cupcake Cake (Serves 24) $16.99
Acme Sheet Cakes 1/8 Sheet Cake $8.99
1/4 Sheet Cake $17.99
1/2 Sheet Cake $27
Full Sheet Cake $44
Acme Wedding Cakes 2 Tier Wedding Cake $44.99
3 Tier Wedding Cake $64.99

ACME Cakes Types and Designs

ACME bakeries have a large catalog of cake designs, as well as cake customization options. There are two main categories of ACME cakes to choose from.

Themed cakes are cake designs with a traditional feel. These types of ACME cakes are very versatile and go well with almost any special occasion.

ACME also offers cake designs for holidays and occasions. These ACME cakes have more novel designs and are tailored for seasonal celebrations, such as Halloween, Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. They are not as easy to adapt to different occasions such as the classic ACME cakes, but they are definitely memorable.

In the following sections, we’ll take a close look at the most popular ACME cake designs and see what they offer for the most important special occasions.

ACME Birthday Cakes

Your birthday would not be complete if you didn’t celebrate it by sharing a piece of cake with your loved ones. If you want to celebrate birthdays with a cake, ACME has got birthday cakes that are suitable for both children and adults.

The collection of ACME children’s birthday cakes includes character cakes priced between $15 and $70, which can impress your little ones. The cakes can be personalized according to your specific requirements.

The average ACME birthday cake price ranges between $13 and $20. It is possible to get these unique designs on a single or two layer round cake with prices ranging between $15.99 and $48.99.

Among the most popular choices for children’s birthday parties are character cakes, such as the ACME Angry Birds cake.

Several years ago, new parents could get an ACME free first birthday cake for their little one with the purchase of an additional cake. Unfortunately today, the bakery no longer offers a free “smash cake” for kids’ first birthdays, which we have been hoping for ACME to change their mind about.

ACME Graduation Cakes

Graduation is an event that you must celebrate. Acme graduation cakes will help you celebrate that special achievement. The Acme cake store has got an impressive collection of graduation cakes as well.

You can go through the photos available on their website and make the right purchase accordingly. If the design that you like is not available, you can simply request a customized design.

A customized cake would be priced between $15 and $70 depending on the size. If you are unsure which cake design you prefer, you can consult with the ACME baker for tips and cake customization options.

You can also take a look at popular types of graduation cakes for more inspiration.

Acme Baby Shower Cakes

ACME does not offer cake designs for baby showers specifically. If you are looking to purchase ACME baby shower cakes, ACME is the best option available for you to consider.

They have got baby shower cakes that are ideal for both girls and boys who are on the way. You can also have a look at the available baby shower cake designs through their official website.

The average ACME baby shower cake prices vary between $14 and $35.

Acme Wedding Cakes

The ACME bakery can also assist you in creating the perfect wedding cake design. Your wedding would be one of the most unforgettable events in your life.

ACME wedding cakes prices range between $40 and $150 based on size and design. ACME wedding cakes are among the most affordable wedding cake options available if that is what you are looking for.

Safeway cakes and Walmart wedding cakes can also fit smaller budgets. Still, nothing beats an ACME wedding cake.

If you are not completely satisfied with the ACME wedding cake design options, you can always create your own at an ACME bakery.

ACME Cakes Delivery Options

Any person can place the order for a celebration cake by visiting an ACME bakery. You can use their website to locate the nearest ACME bakery in your neighborhood.

There, will you will be able to see exactly what cake designs you can choose from, and consult with a bakery specialist on cake customization options.

If you are already sure what about which ACME cake you want, you can order it online as well. From the official ACME website,

In the ‘Order Online’ section, you can choose either Themed Cakes or Custom Cakes. Regardless of which ACME cake type you choose, you will have to fill in some customization options.

You will also have to set up a pickup date and a pickup location (meaning the ACME bakery that is convenient for you).

For larger cakes or special orders, you should contact your local ACME bakery beforehand. Likewise, if you need to pickup your cake in two days tops.

Merely preparing a cake would not be enough to celebrate the moments in life. You need to match it perfectly well with the occasion as well. That’s where ACME cakes can come to your survival.

If the cake design you have in your mind is not available in the Acme stores, you can simply visit one of their bakeries and request for a customized design.

All these reasons have made Acme the most popular choice among people who purchase special occasion cakes.

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